Zynecoin Announces Successful Launch of ICO For Their Startup-Supporting, Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency of Reference in Africa

Zynecoin Announces Successful Launch of ICO For Their Startup-Supporting, Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency of Reference in Africa

MARRAKESH, MOROCCO - 01/30/2019 — The digital age has been responsible for some of the biggest advances in technology, and one of those technological developments – blockchain and its ensuing cryptocurrency – is arguably the most impressive in terms of its future potential to liberate people. However, with South East Asia and North America stealing all the limelight in international cryptocurrency news, Africa has often been the “forgotten continent” when it comes to dedicated cryptocurrency innovations.

The team behind Zynecoin aims to change all that with a new cryptocurrency which has a mission to support startups and entrepreneurs throughout Africa. Based in the cosmopolitan city of Marrakesh, Morocco, Zynecoin was born as a collaboration between three men: Mossaab Tazi, Jihad Ouazzani, and Youssef Darim.

“We created Zynecoin to provide seed capital to Africa’s many talented startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators a secure digital currency that can be used to support and reward their efforts and bring Africa the true benefits of an integrated, trustless economy,” said Mossaab Tazi, speaking on behalf of the Zynecoin team today.

“Africa isn’t just rich in resources – it is rich in ideas and inventions that can change the lives of people, not just in Africa, but globally. Using our smart blockchain platform and smart contracts, investors can now back tomorrow’s best ideas from Africa’s smartest minds, benefitting at the same time from the advantages of our integrated economy.”

A core part of the Zynecoin ecosystem is its Zyne Academy and Incubation Center, which provides projects approaching the platform with expert analysis, auditing, and advice from a panel of international business and blockchain experts. The Academy’s stringent guidelines allow only the most promising projects on board, providing investors with an intelligent contract and investment strategy.

Zynecoin has already successfully mentored Hayat Sante, a Moroccan health services platform which offers its users decentralized healthcare by connecting patients and healthcare providers with a dedicated app. The blockchain business is currently working actively with partners SAMU (Europe and Africa’s largest ambulance fleet) and Applinum (digital communications) to bring their vision to life using smart technology.

Zynecoin’s global ICO started on January 25, 2019, and will continue through to June 27, 2019, over seven rounds of funding, or when it reaches its designated hard cap of $50 million dollars, at which point it will conclude. The ICO – with a soft cap of $5 million – has already raised four million tokens worth $1.2 million and is powering toward the soft cap.

As an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum network, Zynecoin can be purchased with Ethereum (ETH), and the company is already in negotiations with leading exchanges to provide Zynecoin users with a seamless trading experience.

To find out more about Zynecoin’s vision for African startups and entrepreneurs and to join the ICO, please visit http://www.zynecoin.io. For all general and media inquiries about the ERC20 token and its ongoing commitment to supporting African entrepreneurship, please contact Mossaab Tazi by telephone at +33 648 87 80 56 or email contact@zynecoin.io. Find out more about Zynecoin by watching the video below.

About Zynecoin

First developed in 2017, Zynecoin is a commercial blockchain system and cryptocurrency created with the aim of supporting and rewarding talented innovators and entrepreneurs throughout Africa. To ensure maximum security, Zynecoin’s smart contracts are backed by Ethereum’s well-established blockchain system. For more information, please visit the company’s website.



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