Why SEI Club Is Considered Best Matchmaking Service In The World

Why SEI Club Is Considered Best Matchmaking Service In The World

Exclusive, members-only club serves elite singles and global leaders.

LOS ANGELES, CA - 3/18/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- SEI Club, the exclusive, members-only dating and matchmaking service, is considered the best in the world by its many members.

The club, whose members include Forbes billionaires and well-known models, as well as successful executives and celebrities, offers personalized matchmaking for successful professional singles. The portfolio of matches it creates are designed to meet each member’s romantic and relationship goals, ranging from casual dating to finding a marriage partner.

“Our members are the financially, socially and culturally elite,” a spokesperson for the club said. “They come to us because they know we’re able to match them with people from similar backgrounds and with similar experiences, and with whom they’ll be compatible.”

One member wrote a review of her experience, which led to her starting a family with the man SEI Club matched her with.

“At the age of 41 I began really questioning whether or not I had made the right choices in my life,” she wrote. “I had an amazing, satisfying career, but I was starting to get that feeling that there has to be “something more” to life and happiness as a whole. By the time I came to SEI Club I wasn’t even sure they would be able to help me. I wanted to meet someone special, hopefully like each other enough that we would sincerely want to get married and start a  family one day, but I was already 41 so I had some doubts. They introduced me to a man in his early 50’s who was in the exact same place as I was. We have tons in common and wanted the same things from life and our romantic partners. We have never been happier and we are proud and excited to share that we are expecting a baby boy in 4 months.”

Stories like this are possible because of the care the club puts into screening members, the spokesperson said.

“We have extremely high standards for membership, and are rigorous in screening every single applicant,” the spokesperson said. “Our members must meet exacting standards for attractiveness, success, sophistication and more to be considered. We go even further than that, though, because we only accept people who we feel will be able to make a genuine connection with another member and be a true partner in a relationship.”

The club has been making matches for more than 14 years, and that experience informs the screening and application process. One major test is how well each applicant follows the “Golden Rule,” or if they treat others the way they themselves would like to be treated.

“By the time an applicant is accepted, we know that in addition to being attractive, successful and affluent, they are also genuinely good people,” the spokesperson said.

In all, less than 35 percent of applicants are accepted. By weeding out so many through the careful selection process, the club can create a portfolio of matches designed to precisely meet each member’s needs.

One member wrote that he was pleased with how different SEI Club was from other dating and matchmaking services.

“I have been to other matchmakers in the past but they weren’t the right fit for me,” he wrote. “What I like most about the SEI Club team is that they personally get involved in finding the right match for me. They only propose matches that make sense for me—based on everything I tell them I want in a partner when dating. This is by far the highest quality dating experience I’ve ever had.”

The club’s executive team gets to know each member both during the screening process and after, which, along with the team members’ deep experience as matchmakers, means they can craft matches that will meet or even exceed a member’s expectations, the spokesperson said.

“Our members love us because they never waste their time on dates with unsuitable matches—we weed them out in advance. Instead, they can truly enjoy the process of meeting someone new, and they can be confident that everyone we introduce them to will be someone they’ll want to get to know better.”

One member shared how after bad experiences with other services, SEI Club showed her that dating can be fun—as long as the right service is being used.

“I had a very bad experience with a dating agency, got introduced to some wrong men who were far from being a match,” she wrote. “My business partner told me about SEI Club. Hoping for the best, I contacted the team at SEI Club and from my very first phone call, I had that intuition that there was something good in these people. When I met their representative who got to know me and my needs, I must admit that meeting was filled with warmth and lots of hope for me. I am now dating a very kind gentleman I met through the club, and tomorrow it will be our third date. I am really excited about our third date and can’t wait to get to know him better.”

Such experiences are common, the spokesperson said, “Our members say we’re the best matchmaking service in the world because of the results they see,” the spokesperson said. “The reason we are so exclusive and hold such high standards for membership is that we know that’s the best way to get results for our members. We’re responsible for the beginning of so many amazing relationships, and it’s possible because our members are so fantastic. We think of ourselves as giving fate a helping hand, and we’re able to do that because of the quality of SEI Club members.”

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