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The cascade of headlines lamenting the Santa shortage of 2021 is inescapable. Retail outlets and party planners have been left scrambling for less-than-ideal ways to hire Santa substitutes or are even facing cancelling Santa altogether. 


Fear no more! Seattle startup Popins has the answer to the Santa shortage, delivering a 3D virtual Santa.


“Last holiday season we saw family traditions interrupted by the pandemic. We knew we could help in 2021. This year anyone, anywhere, anytime can conjure Santa and other seasonal characters for an instant photo session,” commented Christina Calio, co-founder of Popins. “And Popins’ Santa can go places and do things your traditional Santa can’t, to provide whimsical entertainment throughout the season. Position him in any room and in any size, from any angle.”


Popins records real people with over fifty cameras simultaneously – a technique of filming called volumetric video – and then delivers a 3D experience through a proprietary streaming approach that frees viewers from the need to install an app. Fans can watch virtual Santa and they can also join Santa onscreen to create their own personal mixed reality Santa picture and videos to share.


“This holiday Popins is proud to be providing custom branded virtual Santas to several children’s hospitals for kids and families unable to visit with St. Nicholas in-person this year,” adds Calio. “And for businesses eager to affordably jump on the AR phenomenon, Popins can customize the experience by embossing your name, logo and web address into the AR itself with Popins+. Family, friends, and clients will have fun taking and sharing pictures with the personalized virtual Santa and snaps or video they share promotes your brand. There is no easier way to hire Santa!”


Additional and inclusive holiday characters will be released in the days and weeks ahead, including an elf, snowman, solstice queen, reindeer, and more.


About Popins

Popins takes entertainment to the next level by capturing real people in volumetric video and streaming three-dimensional AR video to smart devices through a proprietary delivery system. With Popins, you can watch augmented reality, record what your phone sees, and even join in to create your own personal mix that you can share on your socials. Check out the How To Popin section of the website for more information. 


Popins is powered by Omnivor, the world leader in volumetric video streaming and an early T-Mobile Open Innovation Lab partner. Popins’ streaming approach enables users around the world to enjoy the highest quality AR without the necessity of downloading an app. 


With Popins all the world is your stage.


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