Vaping Business Continues To Grow As More Stores Open Their Doors

Vaping Business Continues To Grow As More Stores Open Their Doors

LONDON, UK - 2/18/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- As a continued growth of the number of ecigarette and vaping consumers continues to soar, the number of smokers continues to fall, sparking a push from the tobacco giants to place regulations and restrictions in place in order to slow down the downturn of smokers across the United States and United Kingdom.

With the FDA now looking to become the driving force behind regulation of eliquids and juices, initial impressions were that the new found interest would result in a reduction of the number of vaping stores that were present, however the changes currently seem to be minimal from information released to date, however further regulations are set to be announced later this year and the nature of those are still to be disclosed.

With the number of ecigarette and vaping device users still increasing and taking a portion of the smoker population, signs reveal that despite regulations being set to come into place across the US and UK, new ecigarette related shops and stores continue to open their doors for business.

Owner of one online based store,, Alex Graves revealed his stance on the upcoming changes, disclosing that he still opted to open the business to ecigarette and vaping users even as rival companies make the decision to close their doors for one final time.

Graves said "As a smoker myself, I have always wanted to be able to reduce the number of cigarettes that I smoked throughout the day, however the nicotine requirement within my body seemed to make will power alone unable to help me to achieve my goal."

"I have since moved into vaping and have almost completely eliminated the need to have a real cigarette," citing that he did still have one or two cigarettes a week while in social situations where others were not vaping. 

Talking about the opening of the business, Graves said "We wanted to be able to provide consumers with the chance to be able to make a change for the better, providing them with the best quality products and eliquids from across the US and UK."

SnakeVape opened its doors just a couple of months ago and has already seen some success at attracting customers, both on and offline, showing that the increasing marketshare of vapers are looking for good value, reliable suppliers from which to purchase their goods.

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