Utopian Protocol (UTP) – The World’s First Community Driven Philanthropic DEFI Coin Launches and Supports 3 Charities

Utopian Protocol (UTP) – The World’s First Community Driven Philanthropic DEFI Coin Launches and Supports 3 Charities

Singapore - 06/10/2021 — Utopian Protocol (UTP) – The World’s First Community Driven Philanthropic DEFI Coin Launches and Supports 3 Charities

June 10, 2021, Singapore Utopian Protocol “UTP”, the world’s first community driven philanthropic DEFI coin launches and is giving away $15,000 to 3 different social change charities. The blockchain is a principal minded community driven platform that helps find justice for those that need it the most in the world and the first 3 charities are The Buried Alive Project, Doctors without Borders and Asian Woman’s Shelter. The site polls its members, opens up discussions about global issues and then provides financial resources to organizations that meet the community standards. In essence, this is coin that encourages conversations to make the world a better place and then places money into the hands of those that can act.

As for the tokenomics, every transaction executed will complete three features: earn burn and churn. Unlike other coins, the coin opened up by burning 70% of the LP and 80% of the development wallet on the first day making the platform rugproof and philanthropically community led. The coin was put out with no presale in order to make distribution as fair as possible. 

The 3 initial charities that were chosen was done by a poll of users over the past few weeks. 3 charities will receive $5,000. These groups are big, medium and small sized, but they do huge work for their communities. 

Project 1: The Buried Alive Project

 “The Buried Alive Project” https://www.buriedaliveproject.org/, helps solves for incarceration of blacks and other minorities through outdated drug sentencing laws in the United States. Ran by Brittany K. Barrett’s, the group seeks to win freedom for dozens of men and women buried alive under outdated federal drug laws, which skews unjustly against people of color. The Utopian community wants Brittany K. Barrett and the good people there to continue fight for those that have no voice.

Project #2: Doctors without Borders

The recent Israel / Palestinian lead to countless deaths and more than 1,000 people in Gaza were reported injured, some severely, including a high number of children. UNICEF said as many as 10,000 people are displaced, most of them children.  Adults fight wars, but unfortunately children suffer. Utopian Protocol’s community would like to donate $5,000 to Doctors Without Borders https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/what-we-do/countries/palestinian-territories for their continuous on the ground care for this area specifically for children and ongoing support for victims of burns, trauma, and violence.

Project #3: Asian Women's Shelter (AWS) 

Human trafficking is the one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises. There are more than 40 million victims, but scarce means to prevent further abuse. 70% of the victims are forced into sex trafficking while 67% are pushed into forced labor. $51.8 billion of illicit profits is made from this industry. Asian Women's Shelter (AWS) https://www.sfaws.org/ was founded to address the needs of women, children of human trafficking. Utopian Protocol’s community would like to donate $5,000 directly to this community organization who help put the pieces of the women’s lives back together. 

In the following quarter the company plans on rolling out its decentralized communication suite for conferences, school classrooms, and community groups without the need to download any software. This will allow charities and philanthropic groups to host and interact with the Utopian community. Additionally, with the community’s end-to-end encryption, it’ll protect confidential communications. 

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