USDQ and KRWQ stable coins begin its release with a bang: Announces bounty. BTCNEXT reports about high preorder demand.

USDQ and KRWQ stable coins begin its release with a bang: Announces bounty. BTCNEXT reports about high preorder demand.

SINGAPORE - 06/05/2019 — PLATINUM Q DAO ENGINEERING team announces the release of the highly anticipated bounty campaign for the decentralized stable coins USDQ and KRWQ. The bounty campaign will allow participants to sign up and complete simple tasks in order to get compensation in USDQ/KRWQ without having to invest anything other than a bit of their time and attention.

The bounty campaign has an advanced dashboard for easier management for both the participants and PLATINUM Q DAO ENGINEERING. Users can access the dashboard via its official link. This page will display the profile information for each of the users that sign up and complete a task and will also help in the recordkeeping process of the bounty campaign. The dashboard features an intuitive interface and gamification style where users will be able to track their rewards for completing activities. The activities will vary from knowledge quizzes about the details of the USDQ and Q DAO project, to writing blogs in order to highlight the unique features of the project. Alternatively, users can also earn USDQ for connecting some of their social networks such asTelegram or LinkedIn, to the online platform.

USDQ/KRWQ stable coin and Q DAO ecosystem

USDQ is an ERC20 token that can be stored on any ERC20-compatible wallet, like MyEtherWallet or Mist. Users can now trade USDQ and Q DAO on, a popular crypto exchange. It's convenient that all trading pairs at will be listed with USDQ as the basic currency. The USDQ is linked to the United States Dollar and has been designed to always have a rate of 1 USDQ = $1. However, near-future plans of PLATINUM Q DAO ENGINEERING include developing specific stable coins that will share a peg with the South-Korean Won (KRWQ), the Chinese Yuan (CNYQ), and the Japanese Yen (JPYQ) to expand the reach of the project and stimulate its use amongst the most important Asian regions in terms of cryptocurrency adoption.

The Q DAO ecosystem is behind the USDQ stable coin and consists of a unique smart contract that is in charge of issuing USDQ and verifying that each coin is indeed backed by BTC as a collateral guarantee. While other stable coins must make sure to have enough U.S. Dollars in a bank account to maintain their fix price, the USDQ stable asset is fully backed by the value of BTC held in Collateralized Debt Contracts (CDCs) increasing its transparency and long-term scalability. The smart contract and therefore the issuance and collateralization process is not dictated by any party or company, but rather is governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which will manage decisions collectively and democratically by using a voting system and its own utility token called Q DAO. Holders of Q DAO tokens will have a decision on how the smart contract will manage debt ratios, collateralization proportions, and will participate in quick-auctions to sell the collateralized positions when the price of BTC falls under a specific threshold. The threshold is also defined by the DAO collectively by means of voting.

USDQ bounty campaign is underway

The bounty campaign for USDQ has initiated after much anticipation from cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Users from the European and Asian regions have signed up and started to complete tasks to accumulate rewards. Participants will be able to convert these rewards to USDQ when the campaign ends. The bounty dashboard is powered by the PLATINUM Q DAO ENGINEERING team and has been made available in multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

Now each participant can accumulate an estimated reward of 415.00 USDQ upon successful completion of all of the available tasks, later there will be more tasks and more rewards added. Users that don’t wish to complete all tasks can pick and choose their preferred ones. All of the completed tasks have a reward, and you will be able to send your earned coins to ERC-20 compatible wallets.

The PLATINUM Q DAO ENGINEERING team representative stated:

“We are proud to facilitate all of the development behind this bounty and the bounty platform which now makes it easier for anyone to join the highly anticipated USDQ project. This is another important milestone for us in the mission to give USDQ to the people and promote adoption of one of the only decentralized stable assets available in the market.”

As with all bounty campaigns don’t last forever, all interested cryptocurrency followers are welcome to join by following the official USDQ bounty platform online here.


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USDQ is brought by the PLATINUM Q DAO ENGINEERING team, as a state-of-the-art transparent stable asset to hedge against market volatility inherent to most cryptocurrency. Its mechanisms of collateralization, price stabilization measures, and oracles allow it to become a viable option for individuals and businesses that make use of stable coins. The team plans to support a wide array of stable coins with pegs to other fiat-based currencies such as the JPY, KRW, SGD, HKD, CNY, RUB, all under the Q DAO brand. Fully anonymous, USDQ breaks limits out of this legacy world.

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