Unique KC Fitness Studio Celebrates First Year

Unique KC Fitness Studio Celebrates First Year

One year after launch of “dream” fitness studio"
Entrepreneur savors success
Fun, challenging and priced right; unique workouts make this gym a community 

SHAWNEE, KS - 3/19/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- “I had my perfect gym in the back of my mind,” said Dawn Rattan, owner of EverFit. “But I couldn’t find it anywhere; so I decided to open it myself.”

Encouraged by workout companions who liked her idea of a class-based fitness studio, Rattan launched her dream a year ago this month. The studio’s success proves her vision was on target.           

Her formula -- challenging workouts presented by top-notch instructors in an assortment of formats.

“You have your big-box gyms,” said Rattan. “They have very few classes or they charge a premium for the classes. Then you have the small boutiques that are focused on only one type of workout.”

Rattan’s vision was to blend the two – and make pricing up-front and reasonable.

“So if you want to do spin one day, boxing the next day, yoga the next day,” she said. “You can do that – at one place, for one price. You can experience a different workout everyday and studies show that the body benefits more by mixing up your exercise.”

The studio’s signature class is a full-body workout unique to EverFit called EverFit Tri – 30 minutes of cycling, 30 minutes of boxing and 30 minutes of variable group fitness.

“When you’ve had enough of one activity,” explained Rattan. “You totally switch workouts, switch rooms; and before you know it, the class is over.”

The studio offers a variety of other classes each day, including boxing, cycling, yoga, zumba, barre, strength training, HIIT and more.

Every month there’s a social gathering for the EverFit community; and child-care is available for many classes

Most important, class size is kept to a minimum so participants get to know instructors, and instructors can modify and customize classes to what the small group wants.

“No class is over 15 people,” said Rattan. “So you get the variety of a big-box gym and the intimacy of a small studio or a personal trainer.”

Another aspect of Rattan’s “dream gym” is reasonable, upfront pricing. She saw the convenience of the long-term membership fees, but she also understood why some customers might want an individual class fee.

“So I decided to do both,” she said. “You can buy one class, a bundle of classes or a monthly membership, and you can mix up the classes every week.”

For Rattan the most important part of the EverFit formula is community spirit. To encourage that, the studio hosts Sunday Fundays!

“We work out – a different challenging theme every time,” explained Rattan. “And then we have happy hour afterwards.”

Rattan seems to have dreamed up a fitness formula that suits the needs of her community.

“The people who come here love it,” she said. “They come back again and again. I think they can feel the community spirit that I dreamt of for EverFit.”


EverFit is conveniently located just off I-435 and Midland at 16200 Midland Dr, Shawnee, KS 66217. To learn more about EverFit please contact Dawn Rattan at

(913) 258-8060; email info@everfitkc.com; or visit the website at http://everfitkc.com/

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