Ugly Duckling Hair Color Announces A Revolutionary Lightener with Bond Protect

Ugly Duckling Hair Color Announces A Revolutionary Lightener with Bond Protect

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - 06/18/2019 — Ugly Duckling Hair Color has just announced the launch of Brilliant Blondexx, a revolutionary lightener which protects the hair during bleaching. This is the first time ever that anyone has ever put bond protection inside a bleach formulation.

Brilliant Blondexx contains Malic Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid. The Malic Acid creates bonds with the actual hair fiber during the bleaching process. These bonds stay in the hair and reduce the chance of hair breakage during bleaching.

At the same time, the new bleach does not compromise on development time, lifting or neutralization in any way. It lifts safely and effectively up to 7 levels. It takes hair all the way up to pure white, pearl blonde.

The result is perfectly white, healthy and strong hair.

More details about the product are available here on the product listing page here:

The first feedback from stylists has been extremely positive.

Here is what Blonding Specialist Elona Taki, Taki Salon & Spa, Canton, Michigan had to say about the product:

“It spreads like butter & it lifts evenly. I love that it’s less irritating for on the scalp bleaching, at the same time, it’s strong enough to lift up to 7 levels. It’s comforting to know that it has a bonding agent and I don’t have to add it in.”   

Ugly Duckling launched in 2015 in Los Angeles and has quickly become a fast-selling brand to hairdressers all over the US.

“Our aim is to cater to the needs of fashion-forward hairdressers. The big trend is definitely blonde these days. Women want to go pure white blonde with zero yellowness. Ugly Duckling is really really strong in this arena. We are really well known for our toners, our totally cold ash blonde colors and our toning shampoos,” stated founder Ishan Dutta. “And now we have launched what we believe is the best lightener in the market today. This is absolutely what stylists have been looking for.”

Ugly Duckling is also well known for their online education through video tutorials. They have very active Facebook and Instagram pages, and this helps them keep in touch with their clients.

  About Founder Ishan Dutta

Ishan Dutta has been in the hairdressing and beauty industry since 1994. He has worked for some major cosmetics companies in the US, France, and Asia at senior levels. He has always been attracted to the color side of the beauty business.

Ishan Dutta decided to start his own hair brand in 2014 because he could see that the professional market was going blonder and blonder. He decided to bring out products which could cater to this trend. At the same time, the professional market was also becoming very internet driven and very social, and this called for a different approach as well. Ugly Duckling was the result.

“My favorite part is developing a product and bringing it into the hands of a hairdresser and watching the end result in her hands. My next favorite part is talking or messaging with hairdressers. We spend a lot of time doing that at Ugly Duckling!” he says.

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