Triple Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sara Yegiyants Offers Qwo® Injectable Cellulite Treatment in Santa Barbara

Triple Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sara Yegiyants Offers Qwo® Injectable Cellulite Treatment in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California, United States - 07/22/2021 — Dr. Sara Yegiyants is the first and only plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara to offer Qwo®, an innovative injectable cellulite treatment, to her female patients for the treatment of cellulite. 

Santa Barbara, CA— Revolutionary new Qwo is the first and only FDA-approved injectable created to treat moderate to severe cellulite. Qwo now offers a non-invasive treatment option to reduce the appearance of cellulite in adult women’s buttocks by addressing its three leading causes. Dr. Sara Yegiyants, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon, is excited to offer this innovative new product to her Santa Barbara area patients. She is the first and only surgeon in the area to provide this advanced new treatment. 

Approximately 90% of all women experience cellulite regardless of age or weight, and most women are looking for a treatment to improve the appearance of their cellulite. While cellulite on the thighs or buttocks is not necessarily a harmful condition, Dr. Yegiyants understands the negative impact it can have on her patients’ lives and confidence. As an important aspect of patient care, Dr. Yegiyants believes that self-esteem and confidence play a significant role in her patients’ wellness journeys.

Rather than poor diet and lack of exercise, cellulite is actually caused by thinning skin, enlarged fat cells that push up against the skin, and thickened fibrous bands that pull down beneath the skin’s surface and cause tension. Qwo treats these root causes of cellulite through a formula of collagenases, which are enzymes that degrade collagen found in damaged tissues and then stimulate new collagen production. In this way, Qwo also helps new, healthy tissue development.

Qwo works by dispelling the fibrous bands beneath the skin’s surface and promoting skin restoration through new collagen production. The skin’s overall appearance is significantly enhanced as dimples on the buttocks become more superficial or disappear altogether. With little downtime and mild side effects, such as mild to significant bruising and discomfort at the injection site, Qwo quickly allows patients to get back to normal activities. With most patients, Qwo provides noticeably reduces the appearance of cellulite in approximately two months. Studies show results from Qwo should last approximately a year, but they may last much longer. The minimally invasive treatment is typically performed in a series of three sessions spaced about three weeks apart.

About Dr. Sara Yegiyants

As a single solution does not work for all patients, Dr. Sara Yegiyants specializes in both surgical and non-surgical treatments offered at her comprehensive body contouring center. Dr. Yegiyants looks to offer the newest and most state-of-the-art products and treatments to suit her patients’ needs. As one of the Santa Barbara area’s most accomplished plastic surgeons, she loves helping women and men feel comfortable and confident in their appearance. She offers a variety of breastbody sculpting, and face procedures to patients in Santa Barbara, CA, and the surrounding communities. 

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