Trayce Bradford launches Campaign for Texas Lt. Governor

Trayce Bradford launches Campaign for Texas Lt. Governor

Grapevine, Texas - 10/06/2021 — Fort Worth, Texas - Trayce Bradford, former Texas Eagle Forum President has announced the  launch of her campaign for the office of Texas Lt. Governor.  


“After much prayer and discussion with my family, I have made the decision to run for the  office of Lt. Governor for the great state of Texas. As a native Texan and strong conservative I  will stand up for the liberty principles that are foundational to Texas’ long term success! 


We are in a season in our state’s history like none other with constant challenges at our border  and to our states sovereignty along with the ever growing government encroachment into our  lives and liberties as citizens. Whether it be protecting our children, our individual medical  rights or small businesses, there are critical decisions that must be made and not continually  kicked down the road. The time is now for decisive action and unwavering courage to stand up  for Texan’s inalienable rights given by our Creator, protected in our constitutions, both state  and federal and under the rule of law. We must respect the role of self governance and value  the heritage of this great state and her citizens. ……. 


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Trayce is a native Texan, born in Austin and raised in Victoria. She attended Texas A&M  University, earning a degree in Marketing. She is the former President of Texas Eagle Forum  and Vice President of Christians Engaged. She was the recipient of an Eagle Award by Phyllis  Schlafly and a Patriots Award by Center for Security Policy. Her entire time working in the  government sphere has been as a volunteer. Trayce and her husband, Scott have been  married 32 years. She has homeschooled her 7 children and has three grandchildren.

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