The Whole Brain Group Changes Name To Hivehouse Digital

The Whole Brain Group Changes Name To Hivehouse Digital

United States, Michigan, Ann Arbor - 07/21/2021 — Michigan-based digital marketing agency crafts a new name as it prepares for growth.

July 20, 2021, Ann Arbor, Michigan

After nearly a year in the making, The Whole Brain Group has transformed into Hivehouse Digital.

Ann Arbor's The Whole Brain Group has made a name for itself as an award-winning digital agency serving clients in the construction, manufacturing, engineering, and professional services industries. Recently, however, the agency decided to change that name.

Chris Beecher, President of Hivehouse Digital, formerly The Whole Brain Group explained why it was time for the change.

"For the past few years, "The Whole Brain Group" name felt like it was missing something. The name was not an adequate reflection of what our work was, how we work together, and who we are as individuals.

The agency challenged its team to come up with a unique, memorable name that summed up their energy, dedication to one another, and flexible work style, ultimately landing on Hivehouse Digital.

"The name captures our company culture of being small & mighty, having a method to our madness, protecting our house and thriving outside The Hive."

Despite the name change, the agency remains under the same ownership and leadership.

"This is not part of a merger or acquisition, which is usually what happens with a name change. Rather, we have made it our purpose to grow with intention as individuals and as a team. So we’ve empowered our brand with the same opportunity."

The agency also recently added several new employees and will make additional hires later this quarter.

"We're in growth mode for sure. One thing that won't change is our commitment to providing results-driven marketing programs and high-quality deliverables to our clients," said Beecher.

You can find out more about Hivehouse Digital, its clients, and how the agency has evolved over time, by visiting its website.

About Hivehouse Digital:

Hivehouse Digital is a woman-owned, Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We’re a collective of developers, writers, designers, and inbound strategists specializing in building digital marketing programs from the ground up. Our clients are mainly in the construction, manufacturing, engineering, and professional industries. We use our proven process to understand your company and customers, so we can create marketing programs that deliver results.

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