The Suck Less Job Search Book Launches On

The Suck Less Job Search Book Launches On


PORTLAND, OR - 05/04/2016 — Adam Reiter, an author and independent corporate staffing specialist based out of Portland, Oregon with a passion for helping people succeed, this week announced his next job search success book is officially available on Amazon for purchase. Designed to make finding the perfect job streamlined, simple, and less frustrating than normal, the Suck Less Job Search has something for everyone looking to land a dream job.

“No one can deny that job searching is an absolutely miserable, stressful experience,” said Reiter. “Most job searching advice is terrible and not catered to people’s specific interests and needs. I wrote this book because I want to reach as many people as possible with a recipe for success when looking for a dream job.”

The Suck Less Job Search contains sections specifically for job seekers, graduating students, and rock star employees who are currently employed but looking for the next big thing in their lives.

Additionally, the book helps readers learn how to circumnavigate HR/Corporate Recruiters and get in direct contact with hiring managers who make the final job hiring decision.

“This book is for people who want a new job right now, and don’t want to settle for months of frustrating job searching failures,” said Reiter. “Learn how to take back the job search and get employees to chase you. Check out the Suck Less Job Search today for creating an undeniable value in the massive, ever-changing job search market.”

For over the past decade, Reiter has been refining his formula of looking at the individual as a business. As a business, the job seeker must refuse to settle for unsuccessful practices. Much like a firm would invest in market research, Adam’s clients discover their own market value, validate their unique brand, and try different techniques until they create a practice that drives offers. 

Reiter has been featured on CBS, and has published other informational books on navigating the job market.

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