The Simple Routine to Help You Live a Life You Love Every Moment of

The Simple Routine to Help You Live a Life You Love Every Moment of

2/19/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- We all have the power to transform thoughts, ourselves, our behavior, and our lives and achieve anything we set our mind to. If transformation was easy, everybody would be successful. With structure, it becomes easier and easier for us to take action powerfully.

Follow the structure below to strengthen your clarity, discipline, and action and be the person, do the things, and have the life you’ve been wanting.

The night before:

Create tomorrows prioritized to do list and schedule your next day in your calendar, listing daily goals for all tasks you desire to accomplish. Don’t forget to include time in the morning to wake up and exercise

Commit to waking up just a little earlier (even if it’s 15 minutes) and commit to making your day as powerful and effective as possible. Also commit to enjoying your day as much as possible and making the most of every second

Write down your commitments - you may be really committed to your health, happiness, success, family, finances, career, etc. Think about who you want to be in your life, write down the ways of being that you are taking on and declare them into the world.

Lay out your workout clothes and a morning pre-workout snack.

Put your alarm clock far enough from your bed where you physically have to stand up and get out of bed to turn it off.

Write down 3 things you did well today and 3 breakthroughs you’re creating tomorrow.

Declare your goals and commitments out loud before sleeping and sleep at a reasonable hour with plenty of time scheduled for you to catch some z’s.

Get excited about the next day and get ready for an unbelievable and amazing day.

When waking up:

Wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than you have to be up and immediately brush your teeth, down a glass of water, and make your declarations for the day. Physically doing something like brushing your teeth will get your system going and drinking a large glass of water will re-hydrate you after hours without water at night. After brushing your teeth and drinking a glass of water, take a few minutes to deeply answer these questions:

  1. What am I grateful for?
  2. What do I want to improve upon?
  3. What am I committed to?
  4. What are my goals?
  5. What does my perfect future look like visualizing all my goals accomplished?
  6. What is my mission statement?

Think back to the principle: “what you put in you get out”, and dig deep when answering the questions. Only answering questions on the surface will only do you so much good. The deeper you dig, the more you break things down, the more you cover, and the more specific you get, the more you will get out of the six questions. The more you give to these questions, the more they will give to you.

The first time you answer the questions, write them down! Getting your thoughts down on paper extraordinarily powerful, so print a copy of your answers and hang it in your home and office in a place where you’ll see it as much as possible. Update as needed!

Once you’ve written things down, channel your answers into specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely action steps that become scheduled on your calendar. This is crucial to moving from what is intellectual and conceptual into what is real and tangible and will directly have an impact in your life.

Commit to being as disciplined and powerful as possible and commit to taking relentless actions every day that will move you closer towards the life of your dreams.

Ask yourself this set of questions every morning and every night. It has made a tremendous difference for so many people who have become successful and will be the best few minutes you ever set aside to invest in yourself.

Every night after answering your questions, plan the next day and get excited about it. The last thing you think about at night is usually the first thing you think about in the morning, so think of all the amazing things that are possible and go to sleep alive and excited to wake up and have a life-changing day!

Your subconscious mind is also very active during your dreams, so after you complete you answer the six questions (which activates and trains your subconscious mind), your subconscious will continue to work throughout the night, often running with the training you’ve completed and the progress you’ve made in your ritual.

Finally, make sure you set your alarm clock far enough away from you where you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Do not even think of snoozing!

Complete your daily Twenty Minute Fitness workout, a program including over 100 twenty minute body weight workouts designed to help you torch fat, build lean muscle, boost energy and metabolism, and bolster brain power and brighten your mood (visit for more info).

Read your daily quote and get your TMF workout in within the first hour of your day

Have an accountability buddy or use Omar as your accountability buddy and send each other your daily goals and commitments as well as what you completed yesterday and what you still need to complete. Check in and hold each other accountable every day.

Check in every night with yourself on 3 things you did well today and 3 things you’d like to improve upon or take to the next level tomorrow

Ask yourself the six questions above and declare your goals out loud before sleeping

Find happiness, health, and success and live a life you love every moment of.

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