The relaxing massages you should try

The relaxing massages you should try

Miami, United States - 10/12/2021 — They balance your body and mind, helping you disconnect and feel good, and it is an ideal plan to do as a couple. You will understand it once you try any of the relaxing massages that  @mint_wellness_center offers you.

Relaxing, decontracting, aromatherapy, cranial, facial massages. It has become a top plan since the pandemic. We need more than ever to relax, disconnect, and be pampered. It is a perfect day plan, to take care of yourself and that you can do with friends or with your couple.

Why have massages become a boom? As Maria Paula Christiansen of Mint Wellness Center, the trendy spa in Coral Gables, says: “since the pandemic, many people are seeking a healthier lifestyle, and have started to take better care of themselves by eating right and exercising more; they have realized the importance of spending time with themself, relaxing and disconnecting from their daily routine”. Maria Paula adds, “spending so many hours sitting, teleworking from home, has caused people to suffer more contractures and back and neck pain, which is why the demand for decontracting massages have considerably increased.”

The Mint Spa @mint_wellness_center founder also highlights the increased need for physical contact and pampering that we are currently experiencing. In fact, for many people, massage has become an affordable luxury and an important part of their healthy habits. "For many of our clients, for example, oil massage has become a weekly wellness routine, they are addicted to its benefits." We have tried it and we can verify it: a delight that also delays aging, promotes deep sleep and body strength.”


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