The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp, Shifts the retail day from Spending to Savings: Keeping College-Bound Student & Families in the Black and Not in the Red

The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp, Shifts the retail day from Spending to Savings: Keeping College-Bound Student & Families in the Black and Not in the Red

Detroit, Michigan - 11/18/2021 — (DETROIT, MI) November 12, 2021 As we know it, the day following Thanksgiving is Black  Friday, and for years, earmarked as the official kickoff for Christmas shopping. While some  Americans may be shopping for Christmas gifts, a new tradition has sparked called "The Black  Friday Scholarship Bootcamp," a one-day immersive program for college-bound students and  their parents around the nation. 


Fresh Perspectives Seminars, the Michigan-based non-profit organization, produces The Black  Friday Scholarship Bootcamp and offers programs surrounding college and career readiness,  FAFSA assistance, ACT-SAT preparation, information on STEAM careers, financial literacy,  and scholarship coaching. Fresh Perspectives' overall mission is to educate and empower  students and families about college planning so they can obtain an adequate return on investment and not become victims to college debt.  


The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp was held virtually in 2020 due to the COVID-19  pandemic. This year, the program celebrates its 8th year and is offered free for students and  donations are welcomed from parents. The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp continues in its  virtual setting and is again going global on Friday, November 26, 2021, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.  


On Black Friday, students and parents will have the opportunity to hear from Industry Leaders  from Corporate America, Entrepreneurs, Educational Institutions, and Athletics. The morning  session kicks off with a discussion on "The Big Learning Loss, post-Covid-19" and how students  can recover and prepare for college. Seminar speakers include subject matters experts: Dr. Rema  Reynolds-Vassar on Education Equity; Dr. Justin Goldston, on the supply chain from  Georgetown & Penn State University, Dr. Frank Lee Harper, Provost at Cambridge Corporate  University; and Dean Don Hutchinson of Engineering Technology from Macomb County  Community College. Next, participants will hear from the leaders at The Michigan Department  of Transportation and their aggressive recruitment of high school students, high school  graduations, HBCU grads, and others to meet the needs of the labor market as a direct result new  Infrastructure bill and its impact on the next ten years. Next, the National Assn of Black Women  Contractors will unveil opportunities for apprenticeship and certification programs in the skills  trade. Next, medical Professionals will discuss reproductive health, dentistry, and the growth in  the medical field. Finally, students will learn about updates in FAFSA and College Board  changes.  


Fresh Perspectives will host a discussion on how college athletes can now leverage their brands  to obtain sponsorships and endorsements for the first time. Former NBA & NFL player: Paris  McCurdy, of Ball State, Reggie Smith, RS Consulting will be on the panel along with Sports  Agent & Attorney Jimmie Smith and Chloe Mitchell, the founder of Playbooked that connects  colleges to brands. 


Students and parents who attend The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp can also participate in  interactive sessions to guide them on minimizing student debt by learning more about the  devastating impact of parent plus loans, private loans, and unsubsidized and subsidized loans. 


Gwen Thomas, the author of "The Parents Smart Guide to Sending our Kids to College without  Going Broke" and founder of The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp, says, "The event helps  students win scholarships, graduate from college with degrees that lead to sustainable careers.  This process also cuts college debt for students and their parents that have devastating effects".  


Fresh Perspectives Seminars are champions of debt-free college and education equity in higher  education. They work closely with corporate partners who support their work and help to shape  the next generation of employees. Fresh Perspectives has helped students win over $17.5 million  in direct scholarships and study abroad in more than 100 international cities.  


If you would like more information on The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp or register, visit or or call  609.474.4877.



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