Raptoreum Calculator Help Miners Calculate Raptoreum (RTM) Mining Profitability

Raptoreum Calculator Help Miners Calculate Raptoreum (RTM) Mining Profitability

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - 11/26/2021 — Raptoreum Calculator is a free tool that let professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts calculate Raptoreum (RTM) profitability through CPU mining. Raptoreum Calculator has launched the most comprehensive database of CPU models and its hash rates along with earnings in Raptoreum and USD.


Raptoreum Calculator’s Profitability Calculator allows users to select AMD or Intel based CPUs, the quantity and it will calculate the total hashrate, RTM earnings, USD daily, weekly, monthly and yearly earnings. It also allows the user to enter a custom hash rate to calculate earnings.


“I wanted to get accurate estimates of my Raptoreum earnings. The only website available was mineraptoreum.com, which is a good starting point, but I realized the numbers were off from my actual earnings, so I needed to create a tool that was more accurate. I could not find one that was available so I wrote my own CLI (command line interface) tool.


Then I figured, why not make this more user friendly and it with the world so it can help others!”, said the founder of RaptoreumCalculator.com


Please visit https://www.raptoreumcalculator.com to use Raptoreum Calculator to calculate your RTM mining earnings. 

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