Q DAO launched their first stablecoin. USDQ tokens are printed and available now! One of the secret products made in Seoul by the Platinum ENGINEERING BLOCKCHAIN LAB.

Q DAO launched their first stablecoin. USDQ tokens are printed and available now! One of the secret products made in Seoul by the Platinum ENGINEERING BLOCKCHAIN LAB.

Korea South, Seoul - 05/03/2019 — PLATINUM ENGINEERING, the team that has designed and developed the USDQ stablecoin system, has announced that the highly anticipated USDQ tokens have been “printed” and are now available!

USDQ is a decentralized stablecoin that is fully backed by Bitcoin, whose value is pegged with that of the US Dollar. Soon USDQ will be backed not only by Bitcoin but also by more top 10 cryptocurrencies. It aims to solve the problems of centralized stablecoins and provide the crypto market with a highly stable, fiat-like cryptocurrency that can be traded and used for a variety of financial transactions.


How does USDQ work?

The USDQ is not backed by centralized reserves of US Dollars, held in bank accounts of the controlling company. It is backed by crypto reserves that are “collateralized” by users who pledge their cryptocurrencies to get a “loan” of USDQ. USDQ is created when Bitcoin is pledged by the user and only then this new USDQ is given to the user. The user’s cryptocurrencies are held in the secure asset control system. When the user repays the loan, his or her crypto assets are returned back, and the USDQ thus returned are “burned.”


The value of the USDQ is always kept pegged with the US Dollar. Another token – the Q DAO – whose value is free to fluctuate acts to control the price of the USDQ through an incentive program, as well as through market economics, and to govern the system. Q DAO holders form a community with voting powers and play a vital role in keeping the ecosystem functioning.

All Q DAO holders work to maintain the ecosystem through their consensus voting powers. The proprietary Q Box helps to mine Q DAO tokens and the Q Box, with its cutting edge AI, helps analyze tonnes of data to create cryptocurrency rate predictions.  

The PLATINUM ENGINEERING team is also in the process of developing other stablecoins that will be pegged to major global currencies like KRW (KRWQ), JPY (JPYQ), SGD (SGDQ), HKD (HKDQ) and CNY (CNYQ). Traders can buy USDQ through the website and also on the exchanges where they will be listed in the near future. Currently, the team has applied for listings on a large number of exchanges including Coinsuper, BTCNEXT, Hotbit, Probit, Nexybit, BitForex, KuCoin, IDAX, BTC-Alpha, Coinbene and many others!.

“The USDQ stablecoin system has been envisaged not just for traders, but for real-life scenarios as well. These include gaming markets, international trades, transparent accounting, and even overall financial markets. It integrates the advantages of having a cryptocurrency with the stability of a fiat currency,” the team commented.



PLATINUM ENGINEERING is the tech arm of Platinum, the global leader in advisory, legal and consulting services for STOs, IEOs, and ICOs. PLATINUM ENGINEERING consists of domain specialists, blockchain engineers, IT infra experts, and project managers with diverse experience and expertise of working on different projects for many years.


Platinum is an international company with over 100 employees and offices in seven locations around the world. It is the world’s largest listing service for STOs, IEOs, and ICOs. Platinum provides services for the complete project lifecycle – consulting, promotion, fundraising, advisory, legal, management, and tech.  

About USDQ

USDQ is decentralized stablecoin, which uses algorithms to offer higher stability and reliability. Fully on-chain and monitored by high-speed AI robots, ecosystem offers reliable defences against malicious acts and attacks. This is a first run in line of fiat-pegs, USDQ is brought by PLATINUM ENGINEERING Team, looking to edge innovative solutions in collateralization, using stabilizing mechanisms and oracles for high-endurance stablecoins. Soon, there will be even more fully backed stable coins: JPYQ, KRWQ, SGDQ, HKDQ, CNYQ, RUBQ under Q DAO brand. Fully anonymous, USDQ breaks limits out of this legacy world.


To know more about the USDQ stablecoin, please visit the website - https://usdq.platinum.fund/.


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