Psychotherapist Bill Benson, Founder of Hollywood’s The Mental Gym, Presents "Putting Your Muse on Speed Dial"

Psychotherapist Bill Benson, Founder of Hollywood’s The Mental Gym, Presents "Putting Your Muse on Speed Dial"

LOS ANGELES, CA - 05/05/2016 — On June 15, Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton will interview Bill Benson, LMFT, LPCC who will help creative professionals learn how to put their muse on speed dial. Those wishing to attend this event should visit

Benson is Founder of The Mental Gym, a boutique counseling, coaching, and consulting practice in Hollywood. Bill teams with writers, actors, showrunners, and production executives to strengthen personal resolve and build collaborative skillsets. He has a two-decade long specialty in helping creative professionals resolve challenges and clear paths for career advancement and personal fulfillment.

About Putting Your Muse on Speed Dial

Every Creative feels the joy of inspirational flashes: The confidence of uncovering ideas that really work: lines of dialog that “kill;” character traits that turn good instincts into great performances….

But creative impulses - our muses - are often temperamental. Creatives often find themselves constructing rituals to woo them into cooperativeness. This becomes problematic for professionals who can’t afford temperamental creativity: Today’s competitive market demands that screenwriters, actors, and showrunners be brilliant at-will and on-demand.

In this online training event, Psychotherapist Bill Benson shares tips and tools from his two-decade career. He will help listeners strengthen their muse relationship and assist them in creating the framework necessary for getting their muse to happily perform when called upon.

You will learn:

  • How the mind perceives life challenges.
  • Why human brains like failure.
  • How to target inspiration.
  • How to reinforce creative genius.
  • What the creative mind really needs in order to do it’s best work.
  • How to inspire oneself, and others, in collaborative situations.
  • Why honesty, integrity, and humor are critical to creative survival.
  • Why the best work always comes when we play well with others.

Visit Bill Benson at to learn more. Bill is on The Lot movie studio - in the former office of screen legend Mary Pickford - 1041 N. Formosa Avenue in West Hollywood.

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