PR Distribution: Tech Startups Gaining Critical Marketing Space with Creative Strategy

PR Distribution: Tech Startups Gaining Critical Marketing Space with Creative Strategy

LAS VEGAS, NV - 07/09/2019 — As a tech startup, your marketing fights for attention in a competitive space. In the technology space, even truly innovative products need the correct backing. And backing usually follows strong initial showings along with healthy industry buzz. So, tech startups are getting creative and applying innovative and layered strategies to their marketing campaigns by turning to press release distribution.

It turns out that press release distribution with established services, like the leading PR Distribution, is a great way to build fast credibility for companies. Press release distribution has changed greatly in the last five to ten years, and the amount of leverage modern organizations have is very high and highly accessible.

Press release distribution creates a cascade effect across media outlets and news sources. Once a few established news sites start running with an announcement, the others are much more likely to follow along. PR Distribution’s Premium Pro package is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach established media outlets.

Numerous tech startups have worked with PR Distribution at various points in their grown. The service has provided PR solutions to a large number of tech-related online campaigns, as well as a variety of other digital campaigns. This experience has led many founders to even consult with or contract PR Distribution’s industry writers to create instantly relevant and newsworthy content.

PR Distribution’s solutions send your announcements to journalists across hundreds of news outlets. These include organizations like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, and their affiliates, as well as Google, Yahoo, and Bing News. Associating your fresh brand with the highly credibly voices is an excellent and sometimes critical branding boost.

PR Distribution also provides extensive press release resources as well as downloadable PR templates for industries as diverse as Food and Beverage, Finance, and Tech.

The sample articles and resources below provide a of what works in terms of structuring a press release for maximum audience engagement.

Treat this template as a reference for general press release writing:

Three sample press releases for Tech or Technology-related firms:

Arcane Strategies, Cloud Company Press Release:

Sifted, Food-Tech Startup Press Release:

Me Squared, Personal Health Startup Press Release:

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