Playing Devil's Advocate Announces the Release of Variety Podcast

Playing Devil's Advocate Announces the Release of Variety Podcast

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas - 04/01/2021 — Diabolically dialectical with engaging content and relevant information

Media company, Playing Devil’s Advocate has announced the launch of a new 20-30 minute podcast. The new podcast presents a new topic weekly that is intended to stock up the social drinking arsenal of the audience with a witty banter and sexy dinner conversation without disrupting their schedule. 

The bubbly weekly episode podcast has been into four different subjects. On the first Thursday of the podcast, the host will focus on fun facts & life hacks while on the second Thursday, the podcast will be Politico & WTF Was That. On the third Thursday, the host will focus on parenting and careers and the fourth Thursday will focus on hobbies and entertainment. 

The podcast will be hosted by Kelly Mitchell who is a published author, podcaster and serial entrepreneur. Born in a small town in Nebraska, Kelly is a survivor of extreme culture shock after she moved to Las Vegas where life was completely different from her home town. She began her first business on HOAs (homeowner's associations) collections. Since then, she has encountered different experiences that have exposed her to people from all walks of life. Her unique sense of humor and curious nature has set her apart. 

While speaking about her latest venture, Kelly emphasized on using podcast to entertain and inform. 

“I turned to podcasting as the ideal medium to entertain others and get the loud madness out of my head and into the world.  If you do what you love, it's not a job, it's a dream-and here I am killing it.”

The podcast will be available on iHeart Radio, Spotify, Google, Amazon, Apple, and all other major podcast venues. 

About Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell is a published author, book reviewer and a serial entrepreneur. She was born in Nebraska before moving to Las Vegas where the duality of disco/rock and country/city lifestyles gave her a unique perspective of the world--and a broad sense of humor about how she sees the world. With her excellent communication skills, she has entertained a diverse population.  She also writes satirical nonfiction stories that invoke thoughtful debate and laughter. You can find her on Twitter at @playing_da. You can visit the website for more. 

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