Pioneer Facility Services, Advocates of High Quality Service and Fair Work Conditions

Pioneer Facility Services, Advocates of High Quality Service and Fair Work Conditions

2/29/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Pioneer Facility Services begun with humble beginnings in 1986 in Country Victoria and has grown to become an international Facility Services Provider. The company was built with the solid foundations of providing a high quality of service and by fostering its employees and their career development. 

Many of Pioneers Initial employees are still with the company today as Pioneer Facility Services have always put the employee first, fostering career development and at all times implementing fair work conditions. 

Opportunities at Pioneer Facility Services

At Pioneer Facility Services we offer a diversified range of services and employment opportunities in different fields of expertise covering a multitude of industries and business areas throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

We are always seeking individuals who are qualified, competent and capable with the right attitude and skill set wanting to excel in their field of expertise, grow with the company and be willing to provide excellent services to our clients. 

We have an innovative approach and are searching for people who can adapt quickly to change and think on their feet. It is this approach that defines us and delivers real value to our clients, also creating a point of difference from our competitors.  

We also believe that the back bone of our company is developing our employees and extending them to the next level while empowering them to succeed in their role. We pride ourselves on career progression programs with professional development opportunities and fair working conditions for all employees. 

Pioneer Facility Services promote fair work practices, training for staff and continuous auditing systems to ensure no employee is underpaid. 

As a national provider to the Facility Services industry, Pioneer Facility Services is committed to the industry and with this in mind, is also a member of the Facility Management Association (FMA) which opens further opportunities from a networking and personal development perspective.

Diversity / Career Progression Programs

At Pioneer we believe in developing our employees talents. The company has and still continues to train our staff and offer those extra opportunities and professional development to continue their learning and success. 

Employee Induction Training 

When joining Pioneer Facility Services you are given full training our on systems, procedures and fair work practices and training under the modern award that our sectors operate under. Pioneer Facility Services promote fair work practices, and absolutely do not tolerate underpaid or low paid workers.

We use an innovative CMS system and intranet that allows all of our staff to stay connected to our clients and workforce to ensure that we operate well and above all fair work practices. 

Personal Development Opportunities

At Pioneer Facility Services we believe that everyone is a life long learner and can learn new skills. We give employees the opportunities to develop their skills and business acumen through various courses, professional development and a mentoring program. 

If you wish to find out more information or submit an application, please visit our website employee application page;

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