Pampered Pups - The Pet Care Line That Has Celebrity Pets and Parents Raving

Pampered Pups - The Pet Care Line That Has Celebrity Pets and Parents Raving

United States, California, Los Angeles - 12/21/2020 —

Pampered Pups is excited to launch their new line of products onto the market, backed by famous fur babies and their famous parents alike! Pampered Pups believes in manufacturing natural and environmentally friendly dog care products that are effective for all of “dogkind”, never using any harmful chemicals or additives in our formulas so that owners everywhere have peace of mind. Our furry buddies deserve to be pampered just like their owners and Pampered Pets is here to make it fun and luxurious. Notable fur friends love the formulas and the results of Pampered Pups, from stars like Bentley the Pom to LA’s hottest celebrity influencers, these duos love keeping themselves pampered and camera ready. Whether you are walking down the red carpet or taking a walk in the neighborhood, the shine and health that comes from using Pampered Pups is sure to turn heads!

Their best selling “Pup Care Kits”, includes every product that your fur friend needs to keep clean, soft, and pampered. The kit contains the 5 in 1 Oatmeal Shampoo, Fresh Breath Water Additive, Anti-Chew Deterrent Spray, Detangling Spray, Hemp Chews, Ear Cleaner, and Stain Remover: each one containing all natural ingredients that are tailored for any breed, any time.There are two products in particular that steal the show, and those are the Calming Chews and the Fresh Breath Water Additive. The chews are a targeted nutritional supplement that are fantastic for reducing stress and anxiety in dogs! The Pampered Pups proprietary blend & all-natural formula contains hemp, chamomile, passion flower, valerian root, organic hemp seed oil and hemp seed powder. In addition to these powerful ingredients your dog will be well nourished from the Fatty Acids, Fiber & protein that these are packed with! The Fresh Breath Water Additive is TOTALLY safe and all natural! Pouring a little bit of this product in your dog's bowl along with their water will get rid of your dog's bad breath and fight plaque and tartar build up at the same time! There is no brushing required for this formula, good dental hygiene is a few drops away, and both you and your fur baby will love the result!

Pampered Pups is the latest from owners Rami and Garrett Aryan, a father son who have made their name in the self care industry. After launching Relentless Skincare, the duo decided that their passion for self care and hygiene needed to be applied to their other passion, their fur babies! “We want ourselves to look and feel our best when it comes to the application of products, and we wanted our puppies to have a similar experience. To be pampered like they deserve!” says Rami Aryan. There is an emphasis on the natural contents of the formulas, as well as an attention to detail that is often overlooked on the pet care market, leaving both you and your pet elated with the Pampered Pets result!


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