Palestine (Hamas) Member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF) Vows Attack On US, Israeli Targets

Palestine (Hamas) Member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF) Vows Attack On US, Israeli Targets

WASHINGTON, DC - 05/31/2018 — It seems astonishing an American-based accreditation organization, the IAF, would have terror group members, along with working with nations openly hostile to the US.  Head of G-PMC Daryl Guberman recently courageously tackled this issue head-on.

In an ever more dangerous age, there is a certain expectation that businesses that work with American companies, stay far away from those who advocate things like terror or anti-antisemitism.  Sadly, this is not the case at all.  In recent, shocking news, terror group Hamas made public oaths to attack US and Israeli embassies across the world, in response to Jerusalem being recognized by the POTUS as the capital of Israel.  Unknown to most Americans there is more than one international business association registered in America that counts Hamas as a member.  Stepping up to shine a light on this unethical stance in business leader Daryl Guberman, CEO of G-PMC, who named and delivered evidence against the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) for harboring these kinds of unsavory ties in a recent YouTube expose. IAF was recently exposed as a fraud by America's leading accreditation board, see

“We've done our investigation and the evidence is clear,”  commented Mr. Guberman.  “It's disgusting the behavior of these groups towards the US and Israel, and we refuse to remain silent about it.”

Mr. Guberman doesn't hesitate to name some of the big American companies who are affiliated with the IAF, many who there seems to be credible proof were actually hacked for military technology data by IAF-related countries.  He then passionately calls for this to end, with American companies either voluntarily ending these associations or for other actions to protect America's interests to be taken.

In addition to being a business leader with three decades of experience, Mr. Guberman is so motivated by this type of news and behavior he is considering launching a campaign to run for Senate as an Independent in 2022.  Smart, successful, and charismatic, it may be just the kind of person who can help force change for the better among the political establishment.

Expect Mr. Guberman's work exposing business ties to terror orgs and anti-American and anti-Israel nations to continue with a passion.

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