OnlineDivorcer Makes Waves With the Cheapest Divorce Option on the Market

OnlineDivorcer Makes Waves With the Cheapest Divorce Option on the Market

United States, California, Los Angeles - 02/25/2021 — OnlineDivorcer is an internet-based company on a mission to making marriage dissolution affordable and straightforward. With divorce fees averaging $15,000 across the US, OnlineDivorcer aims to drop that bar by offering filled-out divorce papers for just $139 and giving couples a chance to file for marriage dissolution without a lawyer.  

Not all spouses realize that reaching full agreement on property distribution, childcare, and financial support allows them to get a simplified divorce. As long as exes agree on fair terms, fill out the right forms, and follow basic legal procedures, their marriage dissolution can be over in the shortest time allowed by the state where they file. 

Understandably, finding and completing divorce paperwork without having a law degree is a struggle, and paying a lawyer $300 an hour to do it is a luxury not all couples can afford. This is where online divorce services enter the picture to offer a cheap alternative that does not require any legal knowledge to use.

OnlineDivorcer has created an online tool that allows its customers to receive all the forms necessary for their divorce case and get them filled out for a flat fee of $139 – no matter how many children spouses have or how much property they own. Couples who wish to divorce amicably or are ready to negotiate can get their divorce papers in a matter of days by taking just 30 minutes to answer a few questions. Besides, having an online service at their disposal 24/7, they can do it from the comfort of their homes at any time. 

Ordering from OnlineDivorcer, spouses receive both a customized package of divorce documents and detailed filing instructions that are very easy to follow. Having the guarantee of court approval and a comprehensive list of steps to take, any couple can get their divorce finalized easily and affordably.

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About OnlineDivorcer

OnlineDivorcer aims to provide cheap and easy divorce solutions to couples all over the US. The company helps spouses filing for an uncontested marriage dissolution to get:

  • filled out divorce paperwork chosen specifically for their case 
  • custody and child support forms without extra payment
  • filing instructions as a bonus

OnlineDivorcer allows exes to file for divorce without a lawyer and save thousands on legal fees. As one of the pioneers in the online divorce market, the company provides a 100% court approval guarantee and makes sure each couple that wants to end their marriage can do so quickly and with little effort for only $139. 

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