Noodle PROs and Inspirica merge as start of national roll up

Noodle PROs and Inspirica merge as start of national roll up

New York city, New York - 09/02/2021 — NEW YORK, NEW YORK - September 1, 2021 Noodle Pros and Inspirica, two leading New  York based test prep and tutoring companies, today announced that they have signed a  definitive merger agreement. The companies will, for now, continue to operate under their  current brands. They will also begin integrating their back- and front-office teams, and  centralizing those services. John Murray, CEO of Noodle PROs will be CEO of the new entity  and Lisa Jacobson, founder and CEO of Inspirica, will be part of the integration team and will  also provide ongoing consulting services. She will also continue to sit on the Board of the  combined business. 


The companies have complementary market positions in the greater New York area and other  sizable urban markets and significant online presence. They are merging their businesses to  further expand their service offerings to better meet the needs of a broader range of clients in all  domestic markets as well as internationally.  


John Katzman, who founded and ran The Princeton Review before founding 2U and the Noodle Companies, noted “I’ve competed with Lisa and Inspirica for many years, and am excited to  support her and John on this journey. The growing acceptance of online tutoring creates an  opportunity to consolidate strong regional firms into national and global ones, and this will be a  strong base to do so.”  


About Noodle PROs 


Noodle PROs has a cadre of elite academic and test prep, career tutors with vast educational  knowledge that enables efficient pathways to superior outcomes. We use leading-edge learning  tools and diagnostics in providing a personalized learning experience and understand the need  for sensitivity and confidentiality. John Murray, CEO, said “We are delighted to be able to  merge these two top-class brands and their excellent teams. Like PROs, Inspirica has highly  regarded, career tutor employees who cover most subject areas from kindergarten to graduate  level.” 


About Inspirica 


Inspirica has been providing test-prep and tutoring services for over 35 years with talented and  very experienced tutoring and central teams. We started the move to hybrid tutoring, online and  in-person, a few years ago and were immediately prepared for the impact of COVID. Lisa  Jacobson, founder and CEO, said “I’m excited about the merger because of the extended  market reach and additional content coverage it brings through PROs pre-K and additional  graduate-level services. I also look forward to working with John Katzman and John Murray,  both of whom have been successful education industry CEOs.”


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