New App Is Giving Small Businesses A Competitive Advantage Its Competitors Can’t Copy

New App Is Giving Small Businesses A Competitive Advantage Its Competitors Can’t Copy

ASHBURN, VA - 05/16/2016 — RealiReviews, is a customer experience platform designed to help businesses engage customers to write online reviews from the major third party review sites like Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, and more as well as connect with customers on social media all in real-time.

This virtually eliminates the need for a business to wait for customers to write an online review when they get home which is one of the biggest pain points for them because many customers will forget about their experience, no matter how great it was by the time they get into their car and turn on their radio.

The founder, who wants to stay anonymous for now, said "the only marketing that is truly unique to a business is the experience their customers share with the world. RealiReviews is designed to accelerate this process for businesses. ”

One local business in Ashburn VA had just 4 online reviews in 3 years. Within the first week of using RealiReviews they started getting calls specifically because of the increase in online reviews from the major sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Within the first 3 months of using the RealiReviews app they saw incredible results:

  • Over 50 Google Reviews
  • Over 10 Yelp Reviews (increasing a 2.5 star rating to a 4.5 star rating)
  • Over 40 Facbook Reviews
  • Over 50 other Reviews  

They said “we get calls virtually every day because of our online reviews on the major review sites and it has helped business significantly. We exceeded our financial goals for the quarter for the first time.”

Virtually all service based industries have used RealiReviews from doctor and dentist offices to auto body and cleaning companies. RealiReviews has helped companies engage up to 80 percent of their customer base to write an online review or engage with them on social media in real-time.   

Chris Fresh the VP of Sales and Marketing for RealiReviews explains “I started a cleaning company in Indianapolis, IN a few years back with no experience and no customers. In our first year we had less than 15 customers. The following year we focused our marketing strategy on online reviews from just one of the major review sites and our business double 3 years in a row. Although we had over 80 online reviews in just four years, if we had something like RealiReviews when we started our business we would have collected 80 online reviews in just a fraction of the time. With that type of progress our business could have reached a million dollars in revenue in less than 5 years.”

RealiReviews will be launching its new app RealiReviews Business in May of 2016. For a limited time businesses can schedule a realireviews demo and try it for free. Imagine trying a product that will pay for itself before you spend a dime. That’s their goal.

If online reviews are a major part of your business give them a call at 844-5-Reviews. They can show you how to get 5 customer reviews in just 5 days.  

To learn more about RealiReviews visit their website at, email them at, or give them a call at (844) 5-Reviews. 

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