Michael Everest Demarco Opens Up About His Inspirations

Michael Everest Demarco Opens Up About His Inspirations

United States, Louisiana, New Orleans - 03/30/2021 — Many people are familiar with the work of Michael Everest Demarco. This New Orleans native got bitten by the acting bug when he was a young boy and it drove him to pursue a career in the industry. His passion for the arts shows in his performances, leading him to a successful career in theatre and on film. 

There's no challenge Demarco enjoys more than taking on the role of a new character. Whether he's playing the hero who saves the day or the bad guy that keeps people up at night, Demarco puts everything into his role. He's never one to leave the audience disappointed. With so many great things he has done in his career, a lot of people wonder what his inspirations were.

How Michael Got Interested In Acting

Every year Michael would look forward to October 31. This was the one day of the year he was allowed to dress up as anything he wanted and be something completely different for a night. When Michael Everest Demarco got dressed up in his costume he embodied the character, even putting on a performance at each house he went to. 

It disappointed him that he could only be a character once a year. This was something he enjoyed doing and if he had it his way, he would play a new character every day. His love for stepping into the shoes of different characters is what inspired him to try out for his first role.

Once he began reading different scripts and trying out for different roles, Michael realized how difficult it really was behind the scenes. What inspired him to not give up was seeing the impact the characters in these scripts made. He knew that the journeys these characters went on, and the lessons they learned from it all, had the potential to change people's lives. 

Michael's Acting Inspirations

It's hard for Michael Everest Demarco to narrow his inspirations down to just one favorite actor for inspiration. However, one actor he always admired was Leonardo DiCaprio. While DiCaprio has had a great deal of success and popularity throughout his career, he has always found a way to give back. His involvement with many projects and organizations to help the planet had been a huge inspiration to Michael.

One thing he has admired about many famous actors is how they use their status and wealth as a means to give back. Michael has always seen acting as a rewarding career on many levels, but knowing it has the potential to put him in a position where he can make a real difference is what keeps him going. 

Another big inspiration for Michael was his acting teacher, Sal Dano. Michael studied acting techniques with him in Los Angeles and credits a huge portion of his career to Sal. He has fond memories of working with Sal, describing him as a supporting and generous man. He prepared Michael Everest Demarco for everything he needed to know for a successful acting career, which has come to pass before our very eyes.

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