Mediterranean Diet Based Digital Meal Planning Service Launches in US.

Mediterranean Diet Based Digital Meal Planning Service Launches in US.


The founder of one of the San Francisco Bay area's first meal kit companies has launched The Dinner Hustle, a membership-based, digital meal planning program providing weekly menus with easy to follow 30 minute recipes, and auto-generated shopping lists.  The platform eases the burden of planning and simplifies cooking, while introducing a curated selection of healthy options including low-carb, heart-healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan recipes.

The Dinner Hustle menus follow the guidelines of the Mediterranean Diet, a healthy approach to eating that has proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, lower LDL cholesterol, reduce cardiovascular mortality and incidence of cancer.  The Dinner Hustle designs recipes rich in fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and some chicken and fish. More than 50% of the meals are vegetarian or vegan. In addition to being healthy, reducing consumption of meat is one of the very best ways to decrease our environmental impact and insure future global food security. 

With consumer interest in environmentally-friendly eating on the rise, The Dinner Hustle’s program makes it easy to align healthy food choices with environmental protection goals.  “Our relationship to food is central to our total wellbeing – our physical, mental, social, as well as our environmental health.  The Dinner Hustle makes the journey to a more healthy food lifestyle delicious and rewarding.”  says Waldspurger.

Adopting new eating habits is no small feat.  For most people, what we eat is deeply rooted in our lifestyle.  We eat certain foods based on our habits and moods, as well as social and marketing influences.  People eat food prepared outside of the home much more frequently than just 20 years ago, and have little control over how that food is made and what ingredients go into it.  It often isn’t until we experience a health event that we question our eating habits.  Modifying how we eat now can actually prevent health issues from occurring later.

In 2013, Waldspurger founded the meal kit company, Tomato Sherpa.  She has since worked with digital health startups addressing the challenge of consumer food lifestyle and behavior change. “Experience has shown us that flexibility, incremental steps, and repetition are crucial to long term behavior change. The Dinner Hustle is designed to fit into people’s busy lifestyle with this in mind." The Dinner Hustle members can recreate their favorites as easily as they can find something new and can choose their preferred number of recipes each week. They can search by ingredient, or dietary interest.  

The Dinner Hustle launches as a Direct-to-Customer membership, and is actively exploring partnerships to broaden the program's market reach.

For more information visit:  New members can sign up using the coupon code: Launch25 for a 25% discount on membership. 

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