Marketing Experts Open a New Digital Marketing Agency to Help Pawn Shops

Marketing Experts Open a New Digital Marketing Agency to Help Pawn Shops

Orlando - 06/03/2021 — A new digital marketing agency Promote My Pawn has been established to help pawn shop business owners make the most out of online marketing. The new agency will focus on providing services such as Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC Marketing and Email Marketing. 

Speaking about the agency, Sean Bolton indicated they will focus on creating customized marketing plans.

“Our strategic approach to marketing your pawn shop online always starts out with a strategy planning session with you to understand your challenges and business goals which is quickly followed by a customized marketing solution best suited to match your pawn shop's goals and objectives in customer acquisition.”

Pawn shops have been part of our communities for the longest time. Traditional advertising for the pawn shops usually relied on the use of print ads and word of mouth. However, with the evolving digital trends there is need for these shops to raise their game. The use of Instagram and Facebook marketing will help them reach potential clients in the neighborhoods. Promote My Pawn aims to help these pawn shops become noticeable on different online platforms. 

Digital marketing also gives the shop owners an opportunity to evaluate the performance of the digital marketing efforts. The agency provides the shop owner 24/7 access to the analytics dashboard to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital marketing campaign. The necessary adjustments can also be made to the campaign to reap as much benefits as possible. 

Website design services offered will depend on what the shop owner is looking to achieve in regard to the visitor actions. The agency can help the shop owner to come up with a website depending on the type of business and brand they want to have. The website content will be optimized using the latest SEO techniques to increase its ranking. You will also be able to know how to carry out social media marketing and advertising using Facebook and Instagram from as low as $350 per month. 

If you own a pawn shop and are looking for the top pawn shop marketing solutions, look no further than Promote My Pawn. They offer free consultation services on 407-604-0990. 

About Promote My Pawn

Promote My Pawn was created as the brain child of Sean & Jay Bolton in 2021. Even though Promote My Pawn is a new agency, Sean and Jay possess over 40 years of combined digital marketing experience working with some of the world's biggest brands the likes of Penske and Parker to small businesses including pawn shops such as Family Jewelry & Pawn, right here in their backyard in Central Florida. Their experience coupled with the enterprise-level expertise of their lead PPC Manager, Brian S., provides pawn shop clients with the best ideation and execution of custom tailored digital marketing, but without the enterprise price tag.

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