Leading London Cybersecurity Firm Set to Deploy “PR With Body Armor” in 2019 Ukraine Parliamentary and Presidential Elections to Combat “Fake News” and Non-Legitimate Online Interference

Leading London Cybersecurity Firm Set to Deploy “PR With Body Armor” in 2019 Ukraine Parliamentary and Presidential Elections to Combat “Fake News” and Non-Legitimate Online Interference

LONDON - 10/15/2018 — From Facebook and Cambridge Analytica to Russia and even Donald Trump’s “Fake News Awards,” fake news is now landing in one of Europe’s hottest spots: Ukraine – and one British firm is going to stop it dead in its tracks.


Awesome Resources, a British cybersecurity consultancy that specializes in delivering “PR with body armor and armed recon” for governments and private clients today announced that it was deploying its global resources to protect the 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary and presidential elections from non-legitimate, external online influences.


The election comes at a time when Ukraine’s future is uncertain. The nation is split into two geographically, politically, and ethnically, with Russia occupying Ukraine’s Eastern territories. With such high stakes, the potential for “fake news” to further destabilize the country is high.


“You wouldn’t move a high-value individual asset from A to B without some sort of protection, so key political messages should have similar protection,” said Sam Tilston, founder of Awesome Resources.


“We watch, listen, and make sure that what is read, seen, and heard matches a genuine source in the first place; we also identify tampering and fake news, showing it to be fake, act to highlight those fake sources, and often counter with something more powerful. For Ukraine, this is essential: elections are highly-prized for their interference potential – as we saw in the United States – and Ukraine is especially vulnerable to such interference at this moment in time.”


Since the term “fake news” first emerged in mid-2016 during the heated U.S. presidential elections, it has grown to become a part of everyday life. Born in nearby Macedonia, the term is now regularly used in the West to smear opposing political views with accusations of political conspiracy, skullduggery, and outright lies to push forward a hidden agenda. Behind the sensationalized headlines, however, lies a very real threat to Ukraine’s fragile young democracy.


The presidential election, which will take place on March 31, 2019, is set to be a closely-fought battle between current incumbent Petro Poroshenko and Yulia Tymoshenko among others. Awesome Resources aims to keep foreign influence from both West and East out of Ukraine’s parliamentary and presidential elections, helping its split electorate to make an informed decision based on the facts – not malicious fake news.


“Just consider what better, and more representative, shape the world would be in now if crucial messaging and communications had PR with body armor and forces prepared, briefed, and sitting in wait for communications cyberattacks,” added Tilston. “We have processes which can do anything from push material off front pages – and take down the websites responsible for publishing such material.”


Awesome Resources has just successfully completed an anti-radicalization program with the United Nations in Iraq; the consultancy has also worked across Africa and the Middle East region on counterterrorism initiatives, anti-corruption training, and cybersecurity missions.


For more information about Awesome Resources and its role in protecting the integrity of the upcoming 2019 parliamentary and presidential elections in Ukraine, please visit https://www.awesomeresources.co.uk/. For all general and media inquiries, please contact Sam Tilston at +44 (0)20 3824 1921 or sam@awesomeresources.co.uk.


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