Launch of Matcha & Hojicha Flavored Konpeito for the Sophisticated Candy Lover in the US

Launch of Matcha & Hojicha Flavored Konpeito for the Sophisticated Candy Lover in the US

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan - 02/06/2021 — Harano Seicha Honpo Ltd. is finally bringing “Konpeito for the Grownup” (matcha, hojicha), the perfect high-end Japanese confectionery for a souvenir or gift, to the US from the beginning of January 2021. The traditional Japanese candy with over 400 years of history will now be available to its customers across the US from the company’s website

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Konpeito is usually handmade with the seasoned sense and extensive experience of skilled confectioners. It is made by repeatedly rolling sugar around in a pot and spraying it with coats of syrup until it gradually takes on a slightly spiky star shape. It is also coated with generous amounts of Yame and Hojicha tea to produce the cute kiddy treat reborn with sophisticated flavor notes that adults love.

While speaking about the launch, Hironori Harano, the CEO of the company said that they produce each of the Konpeito with great attention to detail to give the consumer the best product.

"Indeed, every piece is the product of a seasoned confectioner's hard work, keen sense, and extensive experience. These carefully crafted jewels are coated generously with Yame matcha to turn a children's treat into a sophisticated delicacy. Mixed in the sweetness are the bitter and aromatic notes of the matcha—a gift sure to delight."

Matcha & Hojicha Flavored Konpeito can be served with tea on its own and it also makes a perfect topping for desserts or ice cream. 

About Harano Seicha Honpo Ltd. 

Harano Seicha Honpo Ltd. was established in 1955. We are based in Okuyame, in Fukuoka, Kyushu; a region that produces Yame tea. We contract with tea farmers and handle production, processing, and sales. Taking advantage of integrated production we focus on seasonality, flavor, aroma, and color, and are continuously looking for ways to make Yame tea more accessible and homely. This is why we also dedicate great effort to creating unique, original products using tea, matcha, and so on.

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