Jay Reeves joins Love @ First Sight series as Executive Producer

Jay Reeves joins Love @ First Sight series as Executive Producer

United States, California, Los Angeles - 04/02/2021 — Los Angeles, CA. April 2 - Round Group Entertainment announced collaboration with Centeancey Entertainment to bring Love @ First Sight to the public. The story revolves around Los Angeles bachelor, Julian, who runs into his former love interest that he hasn’t seen since high school. They journey into online dating and help him discover himself. Jay Reeves who is an actor that starred in Disney+’s Safety and briefly appeared on CW All American decided to reveal why he joined in an interview.

When asked how he feels about joining as the executive producer, he said, “I feel great. I’m excited to help fresh projects and fresh minds - so if I’m able to help do that, I’m glad.”  He was asked how he felt about the team and he confessed that fellow teammate and executive producer, James Knox is someone that he’s really close to. He added, “just to be able to see him get this far has me very excited to help in any way that I can.”  Reeves also stated that he’s excited for everyone to watch the script evolve on screen. “There’s a few things that can happen with dead scripts, but when you add emotion to it, it will blossom” he said before closing out. 


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