Introducing ManyPixels 2.0—The Latest In On-Demand Graphic Design

Introducing ManyPixels 2.0—The Latest In On-Demand Graphic Design

Singapore - 01/12/2021 — ManyPixels is an on-demand graphic design service, delivering top quality design to businesses across the world, in a simple, fast and affordable manner. The company is proud to announce the launch of ManyPixels 2.0—a fresh branding, and a relaunch of its web application. 

“It’s been a challenging year for many, so we are particularly proud to have made this happen,” says Quentin Gilon, CEO of ManyPixels. “Our goal was to create a stronger brand and a better user experience to meet the growing demand for web-based services like ours.”

“We started with the addition of new features and the redesign of our app, and then focused on bringing our rebranding vision to life. Now, around eleven months later, our team is bigger and stronger than ever, and with over 1,200 design requests completed every month, our clientele keeps on growing. We see 2021 as a big year for remote design, and hope that our example inspires businesses to use the power of great design to grow.”

The new ManyPixels app now includes new features designed to help customers make the most out of the service, and make the experience of ordering graphic design online seamless. These range from a better ordering process, improved briefs, a smart files and folders system, brand profiles, the ability to scale up and down as you do and a smoother communication flow with the designers and project managers.

The company also unveiled a fresh, youthful and creative look for the ManyPixels brand.

The new logo consists of individual, clean pixels––representing not just the individual team members of ManyPixels, the endless design opportunities that customers get from the service, but also a philosophy that conveys: well-crafted design will mean more than just the sum of its parts.

About ManyPixels

ManyPixels is a leading on-demand graphic design company, providing top quality design work for small businesses, marketing teams and agencies located anywhere in the world.

Initially launched in February 2018 in Singapore, it soon pivoted to a fully remote company under the leadership of Quentin Gilon. Today, the ManyPixels team is present across several continents, crafting beautiful and unique designs every day. 

The designers at ManyPixels are vetted professionals with a track record of success; in fact, only the top 1% of applicants get hired for design roles. So far, ManyPixels has completed over 15,000 design requests for 1,500+ satisfied clients. 

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