How to Start a Successful Franchise During a Hurricane; One Family’s Story

How to Start a Successful Franchise During a Hurricane; One Family’s Story

Naples, Florida, United States - 11/10/2021 — You know that fence that surrounds the local school or retention pond? It’s there, but no one really thinks about it. In fact, most take fencing for granted. But fencing is a huge business. It is considered a safety tool for municipalities, a liability tool for corporations, and sometimes just meant to keep Fido in the backyard. But the fencing business in the U.S. alone was valued at $8.3 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to register a CAGR of 4.9% from 2020 to 2027. Those are real numbers.


The demand for fencing is primarily driven by the need for security and demarcation of areas for improving protection, as well as for increasing the aesthetic appeal of properties. The rise in demand for replacing and repairing large portions of the existing fence stock for residential applications is expected to drive market growth - and it is virtually recession-proof.


Franchise Opportunities

But now consider the franchise opportunities in the fencing business. The popularity of the current real estate market and increasing remodeling projects are expected to drive the demand for fencing. The options of modern designs, features, and colors, together with customizable solutions, further contribute to market growth. Furthermore, governments, local and federal, are making huge investments in the development and restoration of parks and gardens, which, in turn, would drive the demand for fencing. This all drives demand, demand drives expansion, and expansion fosters franchise opportunities.


Superior Fence & Rail is one of those franchise systems that is taking advantage of the fencing market boom. As the country's top-rated fence company (Birdeye for Businesses, 2021) by homeowners, media outlets, and municipalities their service spans more than 30 locations across Florida, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Superior offers a very attractive opportunity for those who are willing to put in the work. As a low investment start-up with high margins, the technology-driven systems offer a very solid ownership model. To date, they are expanding heavily and there seems to be no end in sight.


Enter Andrea & Gary Locke

The Lockes are franchisees of Superior and are perfect examples of how the business is working. Transitioning from the hospitality industry and starting the business without any experience, Gary took charge in the early stages while Andrea worked full-time. But it was a rough start. The couple opened the week before hurricane Irma hit the area. When the storm subsided, their business exploded. The demand for new fencing grew to require more than 400 estimates in a short 90-day period. Needless to say, Andrea had to resign from her full-time position and work full-time for the business. To this day, growth is solid and revenue is good.


The Lockes are 100% focused on customer service, a talent learned from their hospitality background. They knew that frequent and honest communication was key to happy clientele - and that is exactly what they are realizing. And being in Southwest Florida, Naples no-less, there is a lot of competition. But the Lockes have figured out that happy customers are the key to repeat business and referrals.


About Superior Fence:

The home services industry is ripe for the picking. Outdoor franchise opportunities are excellent choices for owning your own business. The difference in owning a fence franchise and other businesses, like a pool franchise or landscaping franchise, is that fences are often a required upgrade. While pool or landscaping installations are popular outdoor home improvements, they are luxury investments.

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