How Elevations RTC Is Keeping Their Staff and Students Safe

How Elevations RTC Is Keeping Their Staff and Students Safe

Syracuse, Utah, United States - 12/29/2021 — Many parents and teens are familiar with the Utah-based residential treatment center Elevations RTC. This treatment center specializes in helping teens struggling with various issues. The unique approach they have working with these teens helps them overcome their challenges.


The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic had restrictions on group gatherings. Parents were worried about their teens being with groups away from home, and they were even more concerned with a virus that was being spread so quickly.


The Elevations RTC staff and other Residential Treatment Centers want to put every parent's worries to rest. With the pandemic weighing heavy on our shoulders, they have strict health and safety protocols to follow to ensure every kid and staff member remains safe.


With everything going on in the world today, Elevations RTC and other Residential Treatment Centers are taking more action with their protocols than ever before. While the health and safety of the teens have always been a top priority, the staff is finding more ways to ensure everyone at the center is safe.


Due to the pandemic, everyone who comes on is medically screened. Anyone who does come to the center must travel privately with their immediate family. They recommend that the teens aren't sent to the center by air travel.


Even tours of the center are being taken in a different direction. Members of the Elevations RTC staff will do virtual meetings and tours with teens and families interested in the center. These meetings limit the number of people visiting the site, helping it be a safe place. Other Residential Treatment Centers are looking into this.


The Elevations RTC staff is dedicated to the well-being of every kid at the center. They are putting in extra work to ensure the facility is thoroughly sanitized to help fight against the pandemic. This team understands the importance of ensuring every high-touch surface in the center gets disinfected several times throughout the day.


There has also been additional training with the team on proper hygiene and handwashing etiquette during these times. People don't have to worry about staying clean, as the facility has stocked up on extra supplies. Elevations RTC even purchased extra supplies so the students could help the staff with the cleaning duties.

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