How 21 Year Old, Hailey Weiner, Founded 2 Multi-Million Dollar Companies while a Full Time College Student

How 21 Year Old, Hailey Weiner, Founded 2 Multi-Million Dollar Companies while a Full Time College Student

Miami - 07/24/2020 — I went behind the scenes with one of the youngest founders I’ve interviewed, Hailey Weiner, a 21 year old who created two multi-million dollar companies in under a year, while being a full time student at the University of Miami. 

Hailey Weiner has created a fashion empire, revolutionizing supply chain management and disrupting the industry with her first venture, Mussier Clothing. She innovated the luxury industry with her newest luxury brand, Heiress Beverly Hills. Hailey stated she had a closet full of clothes but always felt she had nothing to wear, due to the fast fashion domination in the industry. Many clothing brands had lacked the luxurious materials and proper fits due to outsourcing production overseas. Hailey sought to bridge the gap in the marketplace by creating her own luxury line Heiress Beverly Hills, that prioritizes Quality and Fit by taking a different approach to the production process.

Hailey was articulate, impressive, and well-spoken throughout her interview. She is definitely someone to watch in the Industry. 

“When did you start your fashion business?”

“I started my first company Mussier Clothing (formerly known as Shop Muse Clothing) around one year ago. I started this company while I was studying for the LSAT, before entering into my senior year of Undergrad at the University of Miami.” 

“When did your interest in Fashion arise?”

“I’ve always loved Fashion, but I never thought I would pursue a career in it. When I was around 13 years old, I had a provisional patent for a shoe design that ultimately several large companies used. I went into negotiations with these companies, but ultimately, they used the patent and my sketches when the patent expired. It was definitely a tremendous learning experience for me in terms of intellectual property and fashion law.” 

“How quickly did your first company take off?”

“I was very fortunate that the company took off within a few days of its launch. I ran all of the advertisements myself and was able to target celebrities to give it the exposure that it received. Once one of the first celebrities picked up on an advertisement, the company took off overnight.” 

“How did you learn how to run these advertisements yourself?”

“Before launching, I spent weeks researching and learning about the algorithims behind the advertisements and was able to continue to figure it out as the company grew. I now outsource my advertising to a marketing firm, but I was doing everything myself for months.” 

“How is the supply chain different with Mussier from other companies?”

“Everything at Mussier is made to order and is sent directly from our factories. I currently work with over 200 factories all over the world to do this. Doing this lowers my overhead, and in turn, lowers the price of the items for the customers.” 

“What channels do you sell Mussier by?”

“Mussier is direct to consumer but a few months into the process I began to receive many wholesale inquiries, Mussier now sells to boutiques all over the world. In the past few months, I decided to also provide services business to business as well, so we’ve been private labeling for other brands for a few months now.”

“At what point did you decide to start your own luxury brand Heiress?”

“After a few months of running the operations behind Mussier, I gained enough insight into the production process to see what steps many fast fashion retailers skip when designing their products. Every week, I would order tons of clothes from competitors for product research purposes (to compare fabrics, construction, etc). I was astonished at the lack of quality that all of these large retailers had. The designs of the garments were often times very nice, but I felt that many steps in the development process had been skipped. Most of them tented the body rather than complimenting it and the fabric choices weren’t the best. I wanted to create a brand that addressed these problems. I personally notice that when I walk into my closet, I tend to gravitate towards the pieces that not only are comfortable but also fit and look the best on me. I wanted to create a brand that prioritized comfort, quality, and fit; so that these pieces would be the first pieces that someone selects when they walk into their closet. I learned that many fast fashion companies send tech packs straight to production rather than editing samples, having revisions made, and having multiple fitting sessions. So I began to do the opposite of them. I hand pick all of the fabrics I use for Heiress, we have over 10 fitting sessions on each garment to ensure the pieces look good on all body types, and often times, a sample is revised at least 5 times before being sent to production. I’m definitely a perfectionist and I won’t release an item until I think it’s perfect.” 

“How did you manage to run two multi-million dollar companies while being a full time student?”

“It definitely wasn’t easy but it was worth it. In between classes, I would rush to the library to take calls with designers, pattern makers, factories, etc. For a long time, I did absolutely everything myself. I think my story can show other young entrepreneurs that this is all very doable while still being in college. Getting my degree was important to me and my family so I made it work.” 

“Do you believe there is a formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?”

“I think risk taking is essential. Investing back into myself to create Heiress was the biggest risk I’ve ever taken.”

“You received several full ride scholarships to law school during this time, correct? How did you make the decision to put off law school?”

“Yes, putting off law school was a hard decision, but I think it’s the right decision for me right now. When I started my first company, I had no idea that it would take off so quickly and that within just a few months, I would be running two companies full time. These past few months have been a tremendous learning/growing experience for me and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me.” 

“What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs?”

“The best advice I could give is to follow your dreams and do something you are passionate about. A year ago today, I hadn’t started my first company yet, I had no fashion background, and I thought I was going to law school. A year later, I have two companies, without going to fashion school, and have made many mistakes along the way but I definitely have learned from them. If I could do this, I think anyone can and I think it’s important to note that you have to start somewhere, you don’t need to be an expert and know everything when you’re just starting, you can learn as you go.” 

Hailey is an impressive young lady who seems as if she has been motivated and determined from a very young age. Hailey is one of the first entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed that was able to handle all aspects of her business from customer service, to production, designing, and especially running paid advertisements herself. I am excited to see where her journey takes her and will continue to stay in touch with her. 

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