Holy Cow Book Publishers Launches Book Subscription Service with Extensive and Interactive Catalog

Holy Cow Book Publishers Launches Book Subscription Service with Extensive and Interactive Catalog

Charleston, SC, United States - 01/01/2022 — January 1, 2022 - Holy Cow Book Publishers are taking the book industry by storm with the launch of its new subscription service. The service allows users to download their extensive suite of digital content for a mere $25 annually with no hidden or additional costs. 


Holy Cow is home to a robust catalog of traditional and contemporary eBooks suitable for kids, pre-teens, and young adults. Also included is the latest addition of their very own book line, ‘Holy Cow Academy Series’. This is a suite of eBook courses focusing on imparting much sought-after digital skills such as how to use Adobe Photoshop.  The first book in the series and the accompanying materials utilizes a progressive interactive approach that seeks to keep children entertained and engaged while learning a practical skillset. 


The subscription service also includes another in-house series titled ‘Shokan’, which is a black-inspired anime/manga novel. Not wanting to be outdone, their catalog also includes an eBook geared towards troubled teens titled ‘The Teen Survival Guide’. This guide takes core tenets from the Bible and disseminates them into bite-sized, easily understood faith-based advice. Teens will be presented with a wealth of biblical advice to assist them in battling a myriad of issues. 


Holy Cow Book Publishers prides itself on being trailblazers in their industry, and this is most evident in their interactive eBooks crafted for preschoolers. These books come to life on screen, allowing early learners to tap and touch to responsive audiovisual integrations, creating an immersive learning experience. Currently, there are only compatible with iOS devices. 


Subscribers will be delighted to know that even after joining the Holy Cow Family, all newly added content will still be included in their subscription. The best part? Even after your subscription expires, you will always have access to it once you have downloaded it. It will be yours forever, bought and owned. 


For more information, please visit https://www.holycowkids.com/

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