Help Your Diabetes® Strongly Supports The Insulin Price Reduction Act

Help Your Diabetes® Strongly Supports The Insulin Price Reduction Act

United States, Texas, Grapevine - 08/22/2019 — Help Your Diabetes® strongly supports The Insulin Price Reduction Act, a bipartisan bill introduced in the United States Senate on July 22nd. The bill will lower the cost of insulin for the millions of diabetics in the U.S. who count on it for survival.

As a company, Help Your Diabetes® helps Type 2 diabetics reverse their disease and get off their medications, including insulin, through significant lifestyle changes. “Although one of our stated objectives is to get our Type 2 diabetic patients to the point where they no longer require insulin, we certainly believe that it should be affordable for those who really need it.” says Help Your Diabetes® CEO Dr. J. Murray Hockings.  

Insulin is a matter of life or death to Type 1 diabetics, whose bodies don’t produce insulin on their own. Type 2 diabetics’ bodies produce their own insulin, but their bodies have developed insulin resistance, causing them to not respond normally to the hormone. Of the 30 Million Americans who have Type 2 diabetes, around 14% (4.2 Million) use insulin injections.

The cost of insulin has tripled from 2002 to 2013. As a result, some Americans, especially those without health insurance, have been forced to ration their use of insulin - which can lead to dire consequences.  

“Every day, we witness firsthand the ravages of uncontrolled blood sugar – amputations, blindness, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke and more. When Type 2 diabetics are forced financially to ration their use of insulin, it only speeds the rate at which these terrible complications occur. Our program can help wean our patients off insulin, but it’s not an overnight process. They should be able to adhere to the diabetes care plan administered by their physicians without having to choose paying for insulin or paying their mortgage” says Hockings.

In some cases, has led some Type 1 diabetics to purchase cheap off-market insulin, causing some to lose their lives as a result. This is tragic, and simply unacceptable.

The Insulin Price Reduction Act seeks to reduce the price of insulin back to 2006 prices, plus this lower-priced medication would not be subject to deductibles. This would make insulin more affordable for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, both insured and uninsured. Help Your Diabetes® urges Congress to act swiftly to approve this legislation.

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