Healthcare Tech Outlook named EHOB one of the Top 10 Patient Safety Solution Providers

Healthcare Tech Outlook named EHOB one of the Top 10 Patient Safety Solution Providers

Indianapolis, United States - 11/19/2021 — INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (November 19, 2021): EHOB has been named as one of the “Top 10 Safe Patient Handling Solutions Providers 2021” by Healthcare Tech Outlook. 

Healthcare Tech Outlook is a leading healthcare technology magazine, providing knowledge to industry experts. It highlights the latest technologies and trends in the healthcare space, bringing readers new ideas and information. It’s an honor to be recognized and share EHOB’s mission in this issue. 

“EHOB is focused on the patient. We follow the original vision of Dr. Spahn - educate caregivers and make a product based on science that was affordable for patients. To this day, our focus is to take care of the patients with effective, science-based solutions while making the caregiver’s job easier,” said James Bui, EHOB COO, in the article. 

EHOB’s simple, clinically-proven, cost-effective solutions reduce the risk of pressure injuries and improve overall patient care. Both patients and healthcare workers benefit from our team’s commitment to provide safe and reliable solutions. 

“As your trusted partner in pressure injury prevention, we are committed to improving patient outcomes and workplace efficiency everyday. We do it better together.” - Bui. 

For more details, the article can be found in the November 2021 Issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook, or at


EHOB was founded in 1985, specializing solely in pressure injury prevention. For over 35 years, EHOB has strived to produce simple, clinically-proven, cost-effective solutions. A trusted partner in pressure injury prevention, EHOB is committed to delivering solutions and educational services that meet the needs of patients, clinicians and healthcare teams. 

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