Greek Top Yoga Destination Creates Custom Made Yoga Pods to Use During the Pandemic

Greek Top Yoga Destination Creates Custom Made Yoga Pods to Use During the Pandemic

Amorgos - 02/27/2021 — Monday 27th of February, Amorgos island, Greece: 

Yoga studios all over the world have been forced to close their doors or limit class participation due to Covid-19 restrictions. More so, yoga retreats and yoga teacher training are facing setbacks and high cancellations due to the travel restrictions imposed. 

Aegialis private pods provide a sustainable future for the yoga retreat community

Top yoga destination Aegialis Hotel and Spa, strikes again, this time with an innovative approach to sustain the continuation of yoga retreats and in person yoga teacher trainings. 

Having scheduled over 120 retreats and 5 yoga teacher trainings for 2021, we had to find a way to safely host the yoga practitioners and their groups. As the one on one practice cannot be replaced by no virtual class, we came up with a solution during the pandemic measures. As all of the shalas here already provide a spacious environment, with direct views of the sea, we wanted to come up with something that wouldn’t take away any of these aspects and provide a safe and interactive environment for yoga classes during the pandemic - says Aegialis Hotel & Spa GM, Stamatis Giannakopoulos

Designed to keep enough distance between each other, the trendy pods provide plenty of space and comfort to move with ease and flow freely in your practice. With a unique and custom design, the Aegialis private yoga pods are made from wood and recycled Apet. The walls are completely transparent to provide direct views of the crystal clear sea and interact with the teacher and the others. 


  • Built-in ventilator to ensure the flow of the natural air /
  • Transparent walls to clearly see the teacher /
  • Built in sounds system to hear the teacher’s guidance
  • Comes with a full set of personal yoga props / 6.25m² and height of 2.5 meters
  • Each pod comes with its own door / Direct views of the sea

Aegialis, also opened a yoga school in 2020 and managed to successfully run yoga teacher trainings using the pods to comply with the pandemic times and continue to do so.

Aegialis Hotel & Spa is a top yoga destination worldwide,  known for its high-end yoga facilities and yoga retreats. Being active in the yoga community for over a decade and having welcomed over 700 yoga retreats, Aegialis continues to host more than 100 yearly retreats. In 2020, Aegialis School of Yoga opened where yoga teacher trainings take place. Click here to learn more information about the Aegialis private pods.

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