Grassroots Support for Marco Rubio Building Momentum!

Grassroots Support for Marco Rubio Building Momentum!

KNOXVILLE, TN - 3/10/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Strength is in the numbers.  Newly formed pro Marco Rubio Super PAC is calling on the American public for help. They are asking Senator Rubio’s most loyal followers to stand beside them. As rumors escalate of Senator Rubio’s crumbling home team, Conservatives Unite for Marco Rubio 2016 - Super PAC is positioned to help propel Rubio through this difficult time with their advocacy and planned media campaigns.

Major news stories indicate that Marco Rubio’s large donors are pressuring him to drop out of the race. But, those Americans who stand behind Senator Rubio know he is the best candidate for President of the United States of America. Rubio says he is in the race in-spite of numerous reports saying otherwise. Fox News and MSNBC’s had Town Hall coverage in Florida on Wednesday (3/9/16). Rubio vehemently denied rumors of dropping out and expressed his commitment to stay in the race. ‘So, screw those large donors’ says Marianne Stevenson, a Director with Conservatives Unite for Marco Rubio 2016 Super PAC ‘and enter the grass-roots movement that has been so prominent in the 2016 primary race’. 

‘We are a team of concerned Conservatives who advocate for Marco Rubio’ says Stevenson. ‘We will be running ads, making robocalls and doing everything in our power to get accurate information disseminated to get Rubio elected as President. But, first we need to fight this current battle. That is where grass-roots donations come in!’

Conservatives Unite for Marco Rubio 2016 was launched in February by three former wall street executives. They are focused on giving the people a voice in this election process. Much of the 2016 primaries have been unfolding on twitter, facebook and other social media outlets. The people want to be heard. Rubio is the candidate that will listen. He knows, honors and respects the Constitution and the People of this great Country. But, a strong united front is needed. Cruz and Trump are coming down hard on Rubio. So is the media. Conservatives Unite for Marco Rubio 2016 is positioned to help.  They have been polling the states. They KNOW where and how to hit the airwaves to be most effective.  

With grass-roots donations Conservatives Unite for Marco Rubio 2016 - Super PAC will be able to launch a multi-state advertising campaign.  Their Ad production team employs the same video company as TMZ and major news outlets. They will produce the most effective and highest quality political commercials. Their Advertising Advisor from ScottPolitical is often asked to judge the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) “Pollie Awards”. The Pollie Awards are considered the Oscars of the political media industry. They were recruited because of their understanding of the nature of political campaign ads as well what the viewer wants to see and what ultimately will persuade them. They are confident they have the team to do this right. 

In addition to their ad campaign they are advocating on Rubio’s behalf. They educate and inform the public. It is sometimes difficult to weed through the false accusations and misinformation out there. They are poised and committed to delivering accurate and un-biased information to the public throughout the entire election process.
Conservatives Unite for Marco Rubio 2016 - Super PAC decided to go grassroots. They will not serve the narrow interests of corporate America and the super wealthy. Instead, they will listen to the People and serve their needs. They have listened and heard the call for a fair and proven conservative President who honors and respects our Constitution and Bill of Rights. That person is Senator Marco Rubio, the future President of the United States of America.

Based on all the metrics, the majority of his debate performances, primaries and polls all indicate that Marco Rubio has the best chance to get elected. So, they are prepared to throw as much money at this as they raise to advocate on his behalf to get him elected as our 45th President of the United States. A representative for Conservatives Unite for Marco Rubio 2016 says ‘We need a President who is conservative and respects the Constitution.  Not someone masquerading as one who supports the democrats.’

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
— Preamble to the Constitution

These are not idle words. The Constitution is an important part of the heritage of the United States of America. The need for a President that values, follows and honors the Constitution and Bill of Rights is mandatory.  The people need a leader who appreciates and understands what Our Founding Father's intended for this great country.
Any USA citizen can contribute to Conservatives Unite for Marco Rubio 2016 Super PAC. Any size contribution is appreciated. Every dollar counts and donations of any amount are accepted on their website and will be put to use towards getting Rubio elected.  They urge Americans to donate if they can afford $1, $10, $25 or more. Supporters can write in any amount if it is not displayed on their donate page.

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If you are wondering what a Super PAC is you are not alone. These days everyone is buzzing about the Super PACs. Admittedly, in the past few elections they have changed the landscape of political campaigns. So, you might wonder what they are and what they do. Super PACs are Hybrid Political Action Committees (PACs). They are registered and regulated by the Federal Election Commission. Super PACs have been in existence since 2010. They are formed to advocate candidates (or causes) of choice in an effort to bring positive change or to support a candidate of choice in an effort to get them elected to office. 

Super PACs are not directly affiliated with any candidate, but by law, a Super PAC can advocate for a candidate of choice. Hence, they are aggressively working towards raising money to further the awareness of bringing back Conservative values to America by electing Marco Rubio as the Republican nominee and ultimately as President of the United States of America. 

Stevenson goes on to say: 'We believe in the Constitution. We take it seriously. We recognize the need for a President that honors and values the Constitution. So, our choice is Marco Rubio.  We are committed to working towards that end goal. It is the sole purpose of this Super PAC.'

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