Gelatys ready for the national spotlight

Gelatys ready for the national spotlight

Miami, Florida. US - 09/09/2020 —

Gelatys, the artisanal gelato company headquartered in Miami, FL, is on track to become one of the most exciting, fastest-growing gelato manufactures in the US.  

Established in 2016 and being first in its category, Gelatys has gained traction and following for its authentic, handcrafted gelato pops made with real and premium ingredients. The brand now has over 15 flavor combinations, and in the summer of 2020, launched a new gelato collection. Gelatys Bites are artisanal, bite-sized gelato filled with a decadent sauce and dipped in chocolate. 

With its unique standalone freezers, the brand has increased its distribution capabilities to other states outside its home state of Florida, with points of sales at regional and national supermarkets like Whole Foods, Pavillions, Harris-Teeter, and Publix, to name a few. Gelatys treats are now in Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, New York, and California. Still, the momentum of growing national recognition shows no sign of stopping. The move to extend to other states is both strategic and crucial for increasing market share. 

Being present across the country has been a top priority for the brand since its creation. And if there's anything that Gelatys holds dear, is that gelato makes everything better, and more people should be able to enjoy it.

Photo: Gelatys Founder Adolfo Heller Cohen


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