From Trauma to Tribe: A Fitness Trainer Finds New Ways to Help People

From Trauma to Tribe: A Fitness Trainer Finds New Ways to Help People

Sacramento, California, United States - 12/03/2021 — Sacramento, September 2021: Fitness trainer Pam Sherman was out for a run in 2016 when she was struck by a car and hurled onto the pavement, knocked unconscious. She suffered a brain bleed and major injuries to her mouth.

"It would have been much worse had you not been in such good shape," her doctor informed Pam, then in her mid-40's. Pam went through several reconstructive procedures and rounds of recovery for the next year.

Unable to lead her usual in-person fitness classes during this time, Pam developed mild depression. "The hardest part was not being able to help people as I used to at the fitness center, " said Pam.

With encouragement from her family, she decided to try reaching out to people online. She created “The Perfect Balance” website, newsletter, and conducted one-on-one fitness coaching.

But it was launching "The Perfect Balance Tribe" that most energized Pam. "The Tribe" is Pam's community of daily group health and fitness coaching, practical ideas, and shared wisdom that helps people break free from fad diets to focus on what works long-term.

"I still love working one-on-one with clients, but 'The Tribe' is something special. It's an accessible, affordable group, available to all. We have members from all across the country. They hear from me every day and in a weekly Live Q&A session. They also share their challenges and advice with each other," Pam said.

Pam's wit and experience shine through, attracting even the most skeptical people. According to Pam, "Many of my clients and Tribe members have already tried the famous weight loss programs out there and given up. I offer the no-nonsense, time-tested version of what really works, and they appreciate that."

Tribe members easily incorporate the Tribe's "3M" approach into their daily routines: Motivation, Mindful Eating, and Movement. Some members use "The Tribe" as a starting point, inching toward a bigger commitment to their health. Others use it to stay motivated and sustain their progress.

Pam's online presence has been complemented by regular appearances as a health consultant on Sacramento's FOX40 morning program, where she is able to reach even more people. 

Pam reflects, “Although I had a traumatic experience, I love what came out of it—the ability to help so many more people beyond my local gym. I'm doing exactly what I should be doing!”  

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