Foundation Launches Civics Education Course for American Schools to Heal Divisions

Foundation Launches Civics Education Course for American Schools to Heal Divisions

United States, Washington, Bellevue - 05/03/2021 — A group of teachers, historians and writers has launched “FreedomCivics,” which they say will be a “game changer” for America.  Billed as the “definitive civics education course,” it promises to heal the divisions in America over time. The curriculum was developed over a period of many years and is now released by the Freedom Education Foundation. The course has 20 sessions which provide an accurate history of the United States, the principles of freedom and of free enterprise, and the Founding Documents. It explains the fundamental attributes of our Constitutional Republic. It also covers how the Founders, though imperfect human beings, established the Constitution and Bill of rights to protect the rights of minorities, and how they established procedures to correct wrongs by passing new legislation and by amending the Constitution.

Over the past several years, the United States has become increasingly polarized along ideological and political lines - recent polls indicate that most American young people prefer socialism to capitalism. Part of the problem is failing to teach long-standing American values in our schools, and the Freedom Education Foundation is working with state legislators to bring back standalone civics education classes. Secondly, the foundation notes that many of our schools teach that America is not good, focusing on the human flaws of our Founders instead of the principles of freedom that inspired them. According to the Freedom Education Foundation, this has created a huge chasm between young and old, and they maintain that the solution is to teach accurate history, including about the sacrifices made by previous generations to uphold the principles of freedom toward a “more perfect union.”

One of the scholars who has endorsed FreedomCivics is Dr. Wilfred McClay, author of the highly acclaimed history textbook, Land of Hope.  He writes:

“FreedomCivics provides valuable resources for the kind of civics education that we so desperately need to bring into our schools. It clearly explains the principles upon which our nation was founded and how the structure of our government was designed to fulfill and protect those principles. Students will find it both enlightening and inspiring.”

The FreedomCivics course is non-partisan and it targets high school and college-age students. It is suitable for all adults. It traces the historical roots of the United States from ancient governments, natural law, the colonies, the War for Independence, with consideration of the cultural changes in America. The original texts of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, and the U.S. Constitution are provided. There are sessions devoted to the Bill of Rights and Amendments 11 to 27, including how the amendment process in the Constitution has been used to correct the scourge of slavery and other wrongs. The course ends with calls to action “Protecting the Constitution” and the “Duties of a Good Citizen.” The course includes 123 thought-provoking discussion questions, activities, maps, quizzes and a final exam.

There are two volumes: the Teachers’ Workbook, 212 pages for $34.95; and the Student Workbook, 166 pages for $24.95. To order, go to To learn more about the organization and their mission, visit

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