Film Funding LA Releases 8 Hours of Film Finance and Film Investment Video

Film Funding LA Releases 8 Hours of Film Finance and Film Investment Video

LOS ANGELES, CA - 07/18/2016 — On June 18, 2016 Film Funding LA made more than 8 hours of film finance and film funding video available on their website at Topics addressed include:

  • How to Develop & Package a Film

  • Getting Distributor Minimum Guarantees

  • Using SBA Loans to Purchase Entertainment Industry Businesses

  • Production Companies, Post Production Houses, Sound Stages, Distributors, etc.

  • Finding Equity Investors

  • Using Film Analytics to Persuade Investors

  • How to Find and Accept Money From Investors

  • Merchandising Partners Who Will Help You Earn More From Your Media.

Michael Praver, founding of says “We participate in the creation of a lot of film finance and funding content because we want to ensure that independent film producers understand the wide variety of resources available to them.  Many new media makers turn to donation-based funding simply because they don’t know how to package and build films that earn minimum guarantees from distributors, traditional bank financing, or equity investment. These videos help solve that problem.”

FilmFundingLA has supported dozens of face-to-face and online events for filmmakers in Los Angeles and nationwide.  Filmmakers can find out about upcoming events by visiting Film Funding LA’s Film Industry Meetup runs events 3 to 4 times a month.  

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After more than a decade spend providing business support, management training, and financial services to working entrepreneurs across the United States, successful serial enterpreneur Michael Praver launched specifically provide support to working filmmakers. For more information about the products and services he provides, visit

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