EverZilla - Stealh Buyback functions and Binance Coin Rewards

EverZilla - Stealh Buyback functions and Binance Coin Rewards

Los Angeles, California, United States - 11/07/2021 — Ever Zilla is opening up for Tier 1 and Tier 2 pre-sale opportunities on Binance Smart Chain. Following on from the phenomenal success of the current “Zilla" craze that is sweeping Binance Smart Chain and Crypto in general.. The development team are launching a token that is bound to go viral and is already attracting huge attention across their social platforms. 


Combining all the functions that holders love, Ever Zilla implements a stealth buy back function - this means you never know when the function will be triggered. This means that everyone benefits from it's use and it can not be manipulated. Tokens are also automatically burned with every transaction, making it a truly deflationary currency with the supply continuing to shrink putting positive pressure on the price of the token. If that was not enough - they also have rewards. At the time of writing - BNB, the flagslip currency of Binance is currently trading at USD $650 per BNB.


Marketing is already well underway with leading crypto-currency influences already partnering with the team and promoting the project. The team has developed a game which is in final beta testing and will be live within 24 hours of publication. An updated version of the website is also underway with some further refinement on branding and logo design well underway that should be going live very soon. Their white paper will also be published on the website prior to presale opening. Multiple use cases are being worked on which will be unveiled and rolled out as the team hit certain milestones post launching.

There is a sweep widget where you can gain access to their white list competition and secure a spot in their Tier 2 white list phase. With all the attention, hype and marketing that is happening - It is very likely this is going to sell out before sales are open to the public. 

The team is consistently online and the developers are available to answer questions across their social platforms. Check out their website, join their telegram and check out their twitter for the latest updates. Be sure to take a minute to check out their website and do some research into Ever Zilla. https://www.everzilla.net/

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