eBooks2go Takes Readers Behind the Scenes in New Nonfiction Book

eBooks2go Takes Readers Behind the Scenes in New Nonfiction Book

SAN FRANCISCO - 02/02/2021 — After more than 25 years in the film industry, Joe Allen is turning to a new profession. The film technician is publishing his first nonfiction book with eBooks2go, a book publisher for self-publishing authors based in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

“Behind the Scenes: How to Survive in the Movie Business as a Freelance Film Technician” is a guide designed to teach people how to get into the movie business and stay working through time tested information, tips and advice based on Allen’s own experiences in the industry.

Allen knows that starting as a freelancer in the film industry is intimidating. It can be a tremendous struggle to find and keep steady work. For many, the lack of consistent work forces them to move onto other careers to make a livable wage. However, “Behind the Scenes” insists that like any career it takes time, effort and determination to get yourself established in the film industry. It is a difficult journey, but it can be done.

For years Allen has had people come to him for advice on how to get into the movie business. Like many that will be reading this book, he started at the bottom and worked his way up. Allen said, “I came into the business at age 28 with no experience except from jobs outside the industry. I knew nothing about the business, but I was hungry to learn. At that time, I could've used a book like the one I'm writing.”

Having always gone out of his way to help new people get their foot in the door, Allen is eager to help readers understand the complicated machine that exists behind the camera. Aside from tips on how to start as a freelance film technician, “Behind the Scenes” offers advice on how to avoid burnout, navigate unions, negotiate rates, and everything else that someone starting out needs to know to grab on to success.

Most importantly, Allen asserts that the key to surviving in this business is to have three qualities: a positive attitude, the ability to get your hands dirty and a strong work ethic. So long as you are willing to heed his advice, put in the work and take every chance you can to learn, he says your dedication will get you noticed.

“Behind the Scenes: How to Survive in the Movie Business as a Freelance Film Technician” was released on Nov. 20 and is available in paperback and eBook formats worldwide. 


About Joe Allen

Joe Allen is a freelance film technician who has spent over two decades in the business. After graduating from UCLA, he traveled the world, taking on different jobs ranging from software sales, a sales rep in the wine business, and even as an investigator in a law firm.  At 28 years old he decided he wanted to work in the film industry and started at the bottom as a production assistant. Allen took on many different roles throughout his career, leading him to gain expertise across nearly all areas of the movie business.

Joe is also a father, entrepreneur, Eagle Scout and UCLA graduate with other passions including adventure travel, music, art and enjoying his children

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