Drone Pilot of Viral Bowling Video Flies Through Mall of America

Drone Pilot of Viral Bowling Video Flies Through Mall of America

St. Louis Park - 04/28/2021 — The high profile drone fly-throughs keep coming from Minneapolis-based creator and drone pilot, Jay Christensen. As the world witnessed, Christensen’s FPV (First Person View) drone video related fame came just over a month ago, when his flight through Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA caught the attention of celebrities and news media from all around the world. One of the most notable names that shared and reacted to the video was Guardians of the Galaxy Director, James Gunn, who said it was “stupendous.” Gunn went even further to say that Christensen should “come with us to London later this year when we shoot Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.”

On the news media side, Christensen - a former AirVuz drone pilot and producer - was requested for interviews by national news and morning shows around the US, as well as contacted by the BBC and many other world-wide media outlets. 

One of the most frequent questions that Jay and his crew at Sky Candy Studios and Rally Studios were asked during those interviews was “what’s next?” or “how will you follow this one up?” That question has now been answered, as Christensen was asked to do a fly-through at the Mall of America, focusing on the theme-park.

With the Direction of Rally Owner and Director Anthony Jaska, as well as Mike Welsh of Sky Candy Studios, Jay was able to thread the needle through ferris wheels, around roller coasters, through LegoLand, and more. All while throwing a bit of a “Mighty Ducks” angle into it, as he chased rollerbladers in hockey jerseys through the amusement park as well. A reenactment of a scene from 1994’s “D2: Mighty Ducks

When asked about flying in the Mall of America, Christensen said “ The Mall of America is such a vital part of Minnesota. To be able to help feature it in any way is such an honor.” He goes on to say “Whether it’s the Mall of America, or major motion films, I truly believe we’re going to see even more of a rise in the use of FPV drones.” 

To find more of Christensen's videos and other interviews he’s done with AirVuz over the years, make sure to check out his work on AirVuz.com

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