Dr. Thomas Frey Joins KOK CHAIN

Dr. Thomas Frey Joins KOK CHAIN

Seoul - 07/20/2021 — Dr. Thomas Frey, a world-renowned futurist, joined global platform KOK CHAIN as a technical advisor on July 12th. 

Dr. Thomas Frey, who currently serves as the director of the DaVinci Institute in Westminster, Colorado, is a global celebrity regarded as “Google’s Best Futurist.” He is active globally and is known to have the best insight in the field of 'futurology', which predicts future changes based on statistics. 

He served as an engineer and designer at IBM for 15 years, and was a member of the Triple Nine Society, a group of geniuses with the top 1% IQ in the United States. He is also an advisor to the non-profit organization for future research World Future Society and the author of 'Communicating with the Future', a book about methodologies that can control the future. Furthermore, he contributes his knowledge in speeches and calls to global companies such as IBM, AT&T, Boeing, and Visa. 

Last year, he drew worldwide attention when diagnosing that the future would be different due to the novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19). 

His relationship with Korea is deep and long-standing. He actively shares his knowledge and insights in Korea as he did as a speaker at the AAAI 2021 workshop in February and by participating in the World Aviation Conference held in Paradise City, Incheon in March. 

Dr. Thomas Frey has now joined the next-generation blockchain-based project, KOK, based on NFT. The KOK Token (KOK) is the basis in KOK CHAIN, and it is currently listed on a total of four global exchanges including world’s top 5 ranked exchange KuCoin. Officially listed in the top 200 blockchain projects on CoinMarketCap, the KOK Token of KOK CHAIN is showing steady growth and securing its place in the cryptocurrency market and in the world of blockchain.

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