Double Iron Consulting Shares Their Leadership Experience

Double Iron Consulting Shares Their Leadership Experience

Atlanta, Georgia, United States - 12/22/2021 — Double Iron Consulting founder Bill Smith is no stranger to family-operated businesses. After all, his family's business is Royal Cup Coffee and Tea, where Bill Smith worked on the front lines and later stepped into the role of company president. There is nothing like a family-owned small business, which is why Smith is determined to help them grow.

When opening Double Iron Consulting, Smith had a goal to help businesses and organizations in the US keep family values as part of their future. He has worked with several business owners across the country to help them build a solid foundation within their community.

Some of the areas in which Smith can help businesses of all sizes include:

  • Succession planning
  • Strategic growth
  • Customer experience
  • Leadership development
  • Change management

Businesses that require a complete strategy makeover or just require a bit of extra help reaching their target customers and goals could benefit from the services offered by Double Iron Consulting.

When Bill Smith served as Royal Cup Coffee's president, he learned a lot from leadership and is no stranger to running a business. The importance of family values was one of many things he learned during his leadership. Grabbing a cup of coffee from a family-owned shop is a much different experience than going to a franchise.

After Royal Cup Coffee, Smith wanted to work with other business owners of family-owned organizations to keep their companies going strong. 

One of the things Double Iron Consulting can help with is succession planning. Another way to put this is passing down leadership to the next generation. Bill Smith and his team help change leadership in a business and excel at helping a family business pass the business on to family members.

People ask Bill Smith where he got the name for his business, Double Iron Consulting. The name came from Bill Smith's hometown, which has a history of iron and steel, and from his commitment to fitness, helping him maintain an iron will. He has a clear goal in mind. He knows his intention and uses strict structure to get there.

Bill Smith applies that same strategy to his consulting business. He can take a business owner's goals and break them down into manageable steps, so each company can successfully achieve their goals one step at a time. That is why the number of successful clients at Double Iron Consulting continues to grow. 

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